Next Time You Burn Your Tongue On Pizza!

Oh well it has happened to us all, it is sometimes hot and YOU JUST CAN’T RESIST! It’s SO tempting , saucy and cheesy —Just out of the oven! You jump in and take your first bite… Ouch Too soon! You’ve got “pizza burn!” Pizza Isn’t The Only mouth-burner! You’ve probably burned your mouth before on tea, coffe, and other scorching hot foods. Soon , you will notice that the your tongue and roof of your mouth, is very tender and sore. you might feel a blister coming out later. There are a few things you can do to relieve the […]

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Sensetive tooth – What to do

Do you have sensitive teeth?   Do you feel pain when you have  ice cream or hot coffee? Is brushing and flossing painful for you? If the answer is YES, you may have sensitive teeth. Dental Sensitivity is a common problem , Do Not Worry but lets see what can be done about it!   Many factors are involved to make your teeth more sensitive:   Exposed Tooth Root (due to brushing hard, Gum recession) Gum disease Worn fillings Worn Tooth Enamel Tooth Decay Cracked Tooth   A strong layer of enamel protects the crowns of the teeth. Another layer which […]

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