What is Sleep Apnea?

  Sleep Apnea is a serious medical condition. The person’s airways are closed or partially closed for at least 10 seconds where your lungs are not receiving air. This means that there is constant waking up through out the night which affects your brain as it stops you from going into a deep sleep. Apnea is when a person completely stops breathing and hypopnea is when the person’s breathing is restricted. It can really affect the quality of life and your brain health. It can affect all types of people regardless of your weight and diet even a petite size […]

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The 101 on Tooth Sensitivity


    Are you one of those people who can’t enjoy that delicious Ferraro Chocolate Ice Cream or cherish that first sip of coffee on a Monday morning thanks to painful sensitive teeth? Well, do not fear. This problem is a lot more common than what people think it is. There is a high amount of adults over the age of 20 who experience this and even children can also face the same problem. This is a very common problem that a dentist in Melbourne CBD will come across.   The 101 on Tooth Sensitivity   Are you one of […]

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When to see a dentist

Times To Visit Your Dentist Visiting your dentist regularly is essential to supporting good dental health care. Generally, two trips to the dentist for a regular dental clean per year is ideal but sometimes there are other contributing factors that should not be ignored. During this blog post, we’ll discuss important signs you should look out for and when to organise that appointment with your dentist sooner rather than later. 1. All kinds of Aches If you have been exposed to tooth pain, it may be a cavity that has gotten infected. These sorts of pains sometimes don’t always disappear […]

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