Next Time You Burn Your Tongue On Pizza!

Oh well it has happened to us all, it is sometimes hot and YOU JUST CAN’T RESIST! It’s SO tempting , saucy and cheesy —Just out of the oven! You jump in and take your first bite…

Ouch Too soon! You’ve got “pizza burn!”

Pizza Isn’t The Only mouth-burner!

You’ve probably burned your mouth before on tea, coffe, and other scorching hot foods. Soon , you will notice that the your tongue and roof of your mouth, is very tender and sore. you might feel a blister coming out later. There are a few things you can do to relieve the irritation otherwise , your mouth will probably hurt for a few days.

How To Soothe Your burned Mouth And Help It Heal

1. An over-the-counter pain reliever can be helpful, if the burn starts to be too irritating.

2. Vitamin E application squeezing vitamin E over the wound can speed the healing process. Tissue regeneration and healing the wound is results of Vitamin E application.

3. Avoid acidic, crunchy, more hot foods, or even very salty and spicy dressings. This will stop the burn from getting irritated further.

4. Drinking milk can coat the burnt area.

5. Maintain good oral hygiene it is important while your mouth is burnt, keep it as clean as possible , this will promote healing and prevent further infection.

Warm saline rinses can also be helpful.

6. Resist touching the burned area. This may be hard to avoid, but by touching the affected area, the lesion may become irritated further.

7.Applying or sucking on ice can relieve the stinging. Gargling cold water or eating ice cream are other options.


Pizza-type burns tend to heal within three to seven days.

If It’s Not Feeling Better In A Few Days, Call Us

If soreness and blistering continue beyond seven days, please  do not hesitate to call us!

In the meantime, enjoy that delicious, cheesy, saucy pizza—that is, once it’s cool!

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