Single Day Dental Crown

vague rgt - Single Day Dental Crown

We are super excited about our New Futuristic high tech machine that’s just arrived at out our dental clinic. One word, CEREC. It stands for Ceramic Reconstruction.

What is CEREC it you ask?

It’s a machine that creates Crowns and Veneers without the old school process which involved you being extremely uncomfortable and was so time consuming. It’s a machine that allows your dentist to scan the area that’s in need of some tender love and care using a powder free  lightweight camera that does full 3D jaw scans. This little camera also allows our dentist to determine the colour of your teeth based on the scan which is a fantastic tool for colour analysis.

It perfects the correct shade for your new porcelain dental crown/veneer.  These scans produce 3D imaging using the CEREC software on our computer where our dentist then designs your new crown or veneer. The next process is where you get to watch the magic unfold on site. Our grinding and milling machine precisely shapes and fully contours the zirconia – full ceramic material that is inserted to create the perfect tooth.




The machine communicates with the software and only takes between 4 – 12 minutes to create which means a single visit to the dentist! Yay! The next machine to follow is the CEREC SpeedFire which sinters and glazes. It’s the quickest furnace currently out and has speedy heating cycles. It sinters a crown in 10 – 15 minutes. The process basically involves heating up the material just below melting point. Its sort of like a little oven that we bake the tooth in to make it stronger, harder and more complete just like the real thing. Once we have a dental prosthesis, we then place and fit this into your new home and that’s it. Instant Smile makeover.

What’s so good about this machine?

We’re glad you asked. Gone are the days of several injections, or a temporary prosthesis that you had to put up with until an off site laboratory sent it back to your Dentist which means follow up appointments. The durability of the materials and the method CEREC offers are built to last. The ceramic material is similar to gold in terms of its strength which means a longer lasting prosthesis. Did we mention this process only takes one hour!! Need we say more.

Book in your Consultation with your friendly dentist at Gorgeous Smiles in Melbourne CBD and stop hiding your smile, we’re here and ready to help you.

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