5 Quick oral health tips that will help you need the dentist less frequent in your life

5 Quick oral health tips that will help you need the dentist less frequent in your life

The less the better right? we still need to have regular check ups done but we all wish we never actually need to see the dentist right?

1.Floss before brushing your teeth:

You need to floss first to get all the food particles out of in between your teeth then brush to let the toothpaste run around and clean everything, in between teeth is the biggest trap for food and bacteria. all the huge decays (cavities ) start in between the teeth because that is the perfect food trap. Food particles can stay in between your teeth for days if you don’t floss and they will be food for bacteria to grow and cause cavities, so floss every night before you brush! Read about how to floss .

2.Brush at night is much more important than brushing in the morning.


There is a funny quote that’s says : brush at night for your sake brush in the morning for your friend’s sake.

It could not be more true. When you sleep there is less saliva production in your mouth, saliva is a defence factor of your teeth so less saliva means less immunity toward bacteria and increased possibility of decay. Brushing before bedtime is ten times more Important than brushing in the mornings.

3.Do not use mouth rinse in conjugation with brushing your teeth.

There is an ingredient in toothpaste that cancels the effect of mouthwash so thee is no point in brushing and using a mouthwash at the same time. Floss and brush at night, use the mouthwash during the day.

4. Check your mouthwash for  Chlorhexidine

Mouthwash with Chlorhexidine can cause teeth yellowness after being used for more than 2 weeks. Chlorhexidine in a mouthwash is very disinfectant  so if you have gum disease and your dentist prescribed it for you, do not worry it is for your gum’s health but do not use it for more than two weeks at the time.

5.Professional teeth cleaning every six months

If you are one of those people who thinks once a year or once every two years Teeth cleaning is enough you are wrong and at the risk of losing your teeth early in life. the amount of tartar can get double every month. This means if you get rid of the tartar in the 5th month there is half the amount there will be compare to the 6th month, which is equal to gum health, keeping your own teeth for life and nicer breath – Read about causes of bad breath Here.

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