5 tricks to stop the “Bleeding Gum”.

It is good to know that bleeding gum or Gingivitis has 3 stages:





At some point Gingivitis becomes irreversible and starts attacking the bone and ligaments around the teeth.Your bone starts getting resorted and less bone left around the teeth less stable the teeth would be. Your teeth will start falling out, bleeding and shrinking gum,Infection around the teeth that will cause bad breath can affect the quality of life.

1.use a mouthwash

Mouthwash shall be used not in conjugation with brushing your teeth, otherwise it wont be as effective. If you brush your teeth at night and morning, use the mouthwash after lunch.Mouthwash will reduce the amount of plaque by %50.

2. floss!!!

Yes I know it is boring, and annoying but it can save you so much trouble and travels to the dentist. It prevents bad breath and big cavities. %90 of our root canal treatments are because the patient does not floss regularly, and by regularly I mean every night before you brush.If it bleeds when you brush it just means your oral hygiene needs improvement and you need to continue flossing.

3. Go for a Teeth cleaning and scaling

The plaques and calculus that accumulates gets double the amount each month! that means if you clean on the 5th month it is half as much plaque rather than on the sixth month.

4. Vitamin C supplements.

Studies show that lack of vitamin C can cause bleeding gum , as Vitamin C is a precursor of Collagens which give our body elasticity. So orange juice, Lemon and lime etc can help our body make more Collagens, more collagens and healthier gum!

5.Massage your gum.

Yes! massage your gum with your fingers or by eating hard fruits like apple and carrot. Massage increases blood flow to the tissue and more blood means more oxygen, more oxygen equals healthier happier gum.

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