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I can’t stop smiling.

Truly. I can’t stop smiling!

Words cannot express my thanks to the lovely ladies at Gorgeous Smiles Dentistry!

I’ve never been fully confident with my smile and I’m sure many people feel the same about theirs. I mean, I always felt like my teeth were yellow-ish and crooked, and when I smile, I get bags under my eyes and my nose gets even flatter than it already is. I guess when I say it like that, you’re imagining a hideous monster!

So I guess that explains why I didn’t like to smile in my photos on Instagram (as you may have noticed). However. since I went to Gorgeous Smiles Dentistry, and got Philips Zoom Whitening done, I have never felt more confident and happy with my smile than ever before!

So here’s the low down. Altogether it took around 2 hours for a general check up and cleaning and then the treatment. The treatment itself took just over an hour as it was 4 rounds of 15 minutes with the product and light on.

Like most people that do the treatment, I had some sensitivity after. I read that it can last up to 3 days, but luckily mine lasted only the night. Though I have to say, it was quite painful!

I mean, I’ve never had sensitive teeth before, so for me, it was a completely new experience. The dentist sent me home with an aftercare package, so when it got really sore, I just brushed my teeth with the sensitive teeth toothpaste and also rubbed it on the teeth that were hurting the most and that definitely helped!


Overall, I am ridiculously happy with my results. Dr Minoo and her assistant Rihanna were so kind and gentle, I would love to go back to their clinic!

So if you’re considering getting your teeth whitened, look into Philips Zoom Whitening and give Gorgeous Smiles Dentistry a call!

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Jojo xx

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