Composite fillings VS Porcelain Fillings

Porcelain veneers

Regular Composite Fillings Vs Porcelain Fillings :

This is a hot topic that we get asked about at the clinic all the time. So really what is the difference between the two?


Regular white Dental fillings are known as composites or resin.They are made of powdered glass and acrylic resin. When they are inserted the material is soft and hardens after blue light exposure. These types of fillings are bonded to your tooth. Where as the porcelain fillings are made of porcelain and are already hard when inserted into the cavity.They are the same material used when you get a crown or a veneer. Porcelain fillings are cemented not bonded.

Porcelain fillings are very strong.So they are recommend for teeth that are at the back of your mouth or for teeth that have large cavities. Hence for the smaller fillings, your dentist would recommend a regular white filling (composite).

Let’s talk about price and durability. Porcelain fillings can cost three to four times more than a composite filling. A composite filling can last anywhere between five to seven years and the porcelain has a life expectancy of ten to fifteen plus years. The most important thing to remember is that you will probably replace your composite filling two to three times more instead of having the one same porcelain filling. Over time, the composite fillings will cost you just as much if not more than a porcelain filling and you will end up in the dental chair a little more often than what you’d like.

What would my tooth want?

That’s the real question. As dental professionals, we mostly advise on the porcelain fillings. This is not because of the price tag but more of what it does for your tooth. The porcelain protects the overall structure and decreases your chances of getting a crown in the near future. Here at the office, we are all for long term solutions and educating our patients on how to avoid any further oral problems. We like seeing you, but we don’t want you in any sort of pain often in our chair!

Now let’s talk aesthetics. A porcelain filling looks more natural and blends in with your tooth enamel.  You really wouldn’t be able to tell with the naked eye. It is also smoother just like your real teeth. The composite regular fillings are white in colour and can also be matched to the colour of your teeth. They aren’t as smooth as your natural teeth either but this is still a very popular choice for patients.

So what does it really come down to?

Personal preference and a bit of advice from your dentist. If you want strength, durability and don’t mind the price tag, then a porcelain is the right fit for you. If you are on a budget and need only a small filling at the front of the mouth, the composite is a good option too. Either way, treat the tooth and Visit your local dentist in the Melbourne CBD to discuss your options or come visit us.

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