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You can repair your smile with Dental Crowns!

Do you have a broken or damaged tooth ? do you have a discoloured one? Is this affecting your personal life or your business life? Do you feel uncomfortable unleashing your big free laughter because you are worried how your teeth look? Well, there is always a solution to have a perfect smile and it can be a dental crown for you.

What is dental crown?

A dental crown is a cap with the shape of the tooth and it will be placed on the tooth to cover and improve the shape, size and resistance of your teeth. The dental crown is usually used for better appearance and practicality of your tooth.

If the tooth has a very large filling, that means there is not enough tooth structure to overcome the chewing forces. the remaining of your tooth can break easily leaving nothing to be restored, which means you have to take the tooth out and have a tooth extraction.

To avoid losing the tooth that has been heavily restored, has a very large cavity or is heavily discoloured affecting your smile you will need to have the tooth covered with a cap or crown.

Why do I need a dental crown?

You may need the dental crown due to different reasons such as:

How is the procedure of having a dental crown / cap made?

The procedure includes two main appointments which will be done in two or tree sessions but not at Gorgeous Smiles Dentistry, at our dental spa we appreciate that your time is valuable and limited, we know you do not wish to come back to finish the same procedure, so we offer same day dentistry! Have your dental Cap or Veneer made within 2 hours.

The first step is reducing the proposed tooth to shape it to the right size for putting the tooth cap on it. This procedure includes numbing the tooth so the whole treatment will be painless for you.

The next step is usually taking an impression ( mould ) of the tooth for the laboratory to make a crown for you while during this period ( can take about 3-4 weeks ), a temporary crown will be placed on your tooth until the final crown is ready.

However, at Gorgeous Smiles you do not need to wait for your crown to get ready in the laboratory because here, with digital dentistry we make this procedure faster and easier for our patients.

How is my Dental Crown made within one hour at Gorgeous Smiles?

The CAD/CAM Technology provided at Gorgeous Smiles Dentistry is the key for your treatment to be done in one appointment only, It does not require any temporary crowns or second visits to fit the dental crown.

After trimming the tooth, your upper and lower teeth will be scanned by our dentist. Scanning your teeth with our 3D scanner is the digital equivalent of taking moulds. Your dentist will design the Porcelain Crown to ensure the best colour, shape and size to match the neighbouring teeth.

The information  will be sent to the CAD/CAM machine to mill the crown out of Ceramic blocks. Therefore, the dental crown treatment is a one appointment procedure at Gorgeous Smiles Dentistry and you can go home with your beautiful smile on the same day, No waiting around, no temporary crowns, no sensitivity!

How many types of dental crown are there?

There are different types of materials to be used for your dental cap / crown. Choosing the best type of material depends on the position and the function of the tooth to be crowned. If the beauty is important and the tooth is going to be seen while you smile Full Ceramic crowns are what we recommend, if the tooth to be capped is a back tooth and functionality of the tooth is more important that the looks we would recommend Hybrid crowns which have more resistance to chewing forces rather than full ceramic crowns.

Full Ceramic-Porcelain Crown:

The best feature of these type of dental crowns is their natural look and colour hence they are usually used for the front teeth. Dental crowns that are made of porcelain are also good for people with allergy to metals.

Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns or PFM:

These are stronger than the full ceramic ones due to having some portion of metal inside.On the other hand,they don’t look as natural as full Ceramic Crowns because the metal usually shows from underneath the Porcelain. They are good options for the back teeth where function is more important than the looks.

Zirconium Crown:

As it is shown in their name, these types are made of zirconium which is powder shape of the metal with white colour. These are strong crowns and they match natural looks of human teeth easily.

Gold Alloys Crowns:

These are the mixture of gold, copper and other kind of materials which make them very strong but they are rarely used these days due to better material such as Hybrid replacing them.

Resin Crowns:

This type of crown cost more and they are not strong enough. We would recommend having either full ceramic crowns or Hybrid crowns for their good looks and functionality.

Hybrid Dental Crowns:

Newest materials available for dental crowns, they preserve the natural looks of enamel while having a good resistance to chewing forces. Hybrid materials are mixture of Ceramic and Acrylic hence the improved cosmetic features meets the strength of metal crowns.

Risks associated with dental crowns:

At Gorgeous Smiles, your dental Cap is always made of the strongest material suitable for your tooth , although there is still a small chance for it to come off or break. Therefore, it is essential to take care of them just like your other teeth. Just because the tooth is made of Porcelain or Metal it does not mean you don’t need to floss and brush it regularly. Thus, it is recommended to visit the dentist every six months for examination and check up. You are recommended to take your dental x rays every two years to check underneath the surface.

Brushing the teeth two times a day and flossing at least once is recommended.  Another way of reducing the chance of losing your crown is avoid chewing on hard objects and food such as pencil and toffee respectively. Remember the crown is made of ceramic and as strong as it can be it is still breakable under large forces.

To simplify, do not chew on things you wold not chew with your natural teeth, take care of the crown as you would with your un-crowned teeth and if you do Grind at night ask your dentist to have a night guard or mouth splint made to protect the opposing teeth from getting damaged.

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