Dental Implants and a whole new smile

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Dental Implants:

The idea of losing a whole tooth and then replacing it with a fake tooth that’s drilled into our jawbone is enough for the tiny little hairs on the back of our neck to stand up from the horror. Well lets provide a little relief and tell you this procedure over the years has become so precise that the pain and recovery time is no where near what people had to go through many years ago!
What is a dental implant you ask? It basically looks like a metal screw that is placed where the root of your tooth was and acts as an artificial root.

The gum is then stitched back up. It is made from titanium which the body happily accepts. Once this procedure is done, we then wait for it to heal for anywhere between two to six months and over time bone will grow around it to secure it even more. Once everything has healed up nicely, your dentist will then place an artificial tooth (i.e a crown) to the metal which will blend in with the rest of your teeth and feel/look natural.

How advance Dental Implants are nowadays: 

Now why should we get excited about this if we must have a dental implant? We’re glad you asked. The computer technology that we have now gives us a much clearer and precise idea of of where to cut into the gum. Your dentist will now have 3D imaging which will helps guide where the implant will go and will show the dentist your bone structure to make sure it is healthy enough for such a procedure. The best part of this is that it guides your dentist to allow for a more precise fit, less time in the dental chair and a quicker recovery! Score!

Just so you know what it was like many years, your dentist would have do a pretty big incision in the centre of the gum of where the implant were to be placed and then would have to bring both sides of the gum back together and then stitch it up. These days the incisions are smaller, the accuracy is increased, the results are more predictable and can save you money too!
The advantages of an implant far exceed the disadvantages of not having one in at all. These include restoring your bite to full strength for chewing capabilities, preventing side effects of tooth loss such as bone loss and gum recession and obviously its looks and feels very natural.

Who can have a Dental Implant done?

Am I a suitable candidate for this? The only reason you’d really choose this procedure is if you have a missing tooth or teeth. Before you commit to this, your dentist will thoroughly examine your gums and mouth to check that you have a healthy jawbone that has fully grown and make sure you don’t have gum disease or any other disease or condition that may affect the bone from healing. If all the checks return back fine, then you would be a suitable candidate for a dental implant. If you take care of the implant i.e brush twice daily, floss regularly and visit your dentist regularly for cleans and examinations, your implant should last for a very long time, possibly even a life time!

If you think that this might be a suitable option for yourself, book a consultation with Dentist in Melbourne CBD and they can discuss this in greater detail.

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