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墨尔本 SureSmile 隐形牙套


The popular SureSmiles 透明牙套 is an innovative and revolutionary orthodontic corrective treatment, designed to assist in the teeth straightening process without any deficit in appearance due to the transparency of the aligner. Sure Smile clear aligners are one of the most popular options of 成人矫正治疗. This popularity is due to its transparency in colour and aligners being custom-made to fit snugly on your teeth – a bit like a small mouthguard. Clear Aligners from SureSmile are an affordable option for adults who want to change the appearance of their teeth discretely, without any obvious apparatus.

在 Gorgeous Smiles, we understand the importance of maintaining good dental health and improving the quality of your smile, so we offer the most affordable clear aligner treatment of the highest possible quality.

Why Choose Clear Aligners?

How to Clear Aligner Compare to Traditional Braces?

Visibility: Clear Aligners are invisible: they are an excellent alternative to traditional
corrective measures such as metal braces, due to their elimination of metal bands and wires impacting the
appearance and self-esteem of the individual. Especially useful for applications such as, minor tooth movements
which consequentially help improve your smile
Removability: Clear aligners, by SureSmile, are composed of transparent, removable plastic mouldings, which will be repositioned against your teeth at set intervals. Unlike traditional braces, patients are able to remove their SureSmile aligners when eating and brushing their teeth. This also allows them to maintain their usual hygiene routine and makes cleaning easier – An excellent option compared to braces.
Price: competitive pricings

What is the difference between Suresmile and Invisalign?

Our Melbourne Invisible Brace Treatments using SureSmile Clear Aligner have all the same benefits of 隐适美 的所有相同优点,包括:

High-Grade Materials – to ensure the best results during treatment

Wish to see the real result from our clients? Visit our 诊疗前后对比 for more.

Teeth Straightening treatment in Melbourne by our qualified and professional dentist at Gorgeous Smiles

How Much Clear Aligners Cost?

Providing the most affordable teeth straightening cost possible, with no sacrifice on quality

Do not settle for subpar alternative orthodontic products, enquire with Gorgeous Smiles for the innovative SureSmile teeth straightening Melbourne treatment today.

As such, we provide a free initial consultation for your Sure Smile invisible braces treatment. During this session, you can have all your concerns and questions regarding  Clear Aligners cost answered by our friendly team.

Clear Aligners can straighten your teeth for up to 60% less than Invisalign and other alternatives. Check out our Dental Fees and Specials page for more details.

Also, our Payment Plans are available with 0% interest which make Clear Aligners more affordable than ever!


免费咨询先进技术:我们在Gorgeous Smiles的经验丰富的团队  Gorgeous Smiles will guide you through an initial examination of your teeth. We will take a digital scan that is used to compose blueprints of completely personalised SureSmile aligners to be used. Following your digital blueprint, you will be able to view your teeth’s positioning on the application to see how they will look at the culmination of treatment, giving you a beautiful snapshot of your future gorgeous smile!

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