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Dental Specialist

Dental Specialist Offers by Gorgeous Smiles

Dental Specialist
Dental Special 1:
A comprehensive dental examination with Cleaning and X-rays (if required)
Special Includes:
Dental examination
Scaling & cleaning
Fluoride treatment
2 X-rays (if necessary)
Price $275 / GAP FREE:

If you have Private Dental Health Insurance, you can claim the services at our reception, and you do not pay anything out of pocket.
*T&C applies. For this offer, you need valid Australian dental insurance eligible for a rebate.

Dental Specialist
Dental Special 2:
Philips Teeth Whitening including Dental Cleaning & Scaling
Special Includes:
Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening including a complimentary examination
Dental cleaning and Scaling
Fluoride treatment
Price $495
Dental Specialist
Dental Special 3:
Teeth Whitening
Special Includes:
Pola office Teeth Whitening
Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening (this offer does not include dental Cleaning and Scaling)
Price $395

However, teeth whitening is not for everyone; for example, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you cannot have teeth whitening. Read more about it here.

Dental Specialist
Dental Special 4:
Special Includes:
Sleeping Guard – Splint
Price $500

*Occlusal splints or sleeping guards are used to prevent you from grinding or bruxism. However, they are not the only treatment you need, so contact us today to find out more.

Dental Specialist
Dental Special 5:
Special Includes:
Invisalign consultation

Invisalign consultation and full mouth X-ray to determine if you are suitable for Invisalign treatment. Comprehensive case from $6000

*Limited time ONLY. Today, find out more about our Orthodontics service, including  Invisalign and Braces.

Melbourne dental Specialist

A dentist who has acquired further training in dentistry is known as a dental specialist. Certain illnesses can be diagnosed, treated, and managed by them. 
They also provide care for children with special needs and educate individuals on proper dental health habits.

Types of Dental Specialists

Dentistry is a field that has many specialists, each with their own particular area of expertise. These include general dentists, endodontists, orthodontists, and periodontists. General dentists specialize in diagnosing and treating oral diseases from infants to geriatrics. 

Endodontics is the study and treatment of the inside of the tooth pulp. Orthodontics is a dental speciality that focuses on correcting and preventing tooth irregularities. Periodontics is a branch of dentistry dealing with gum disease and its effects on other body parts.

These specialists have different training backgrounds, areas of interest within dentistry, and varying degrees of specialization within their field.

Dental Specialist Centre

In our dental specialist group, Melbourne dentist clinic, we are committed to providing optimum dental care at affordable prices. Many dental plans cover all kinds of dental work. In addition, there are discount dental plans, dental care for children, students and more.

Our clinic offers various quality dental services for both children and adults. Our team strives to provide the highest dental care to our patients and their families. Therefore, our prices are as reasonable as we can make them. We aim to deliver the best possible care at an affordable price. 

The following information is a list of special dental fees (with costs) for various dental services.

Dental Specialist Near Me

The critical decision is finding the right dentist. Various benefits come with doing so. They include:
More efficient and improved dental treatment.-Improved oral health.-Less anxiety and fear of visiting the dentist.Finding a good dentist helps you feel more confident in your face and teeth.

Receiving care from qualified professionals increases your chances of overcoming severe dental infections, such as abscessed or cracked teeth, and reduces your risk of future conditions. Doctors will not take care of you if they do not know what to do or help you.

Our Professional Dentist team at Gorgeous Smiles is willing to help you with every aspect of dental health problems right in Melbourne.


What is an oral specialist called?

An oral surgeon, sometimes known as a maxillofacial surgeon, is a specialist who performs surgeries on the mouth, jaw, and possibly the entire face.

What do periodontist specialists do?

A periodontist is a dentist who focuses on gum disease. Periodontal disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

Can periodontists do surgery?

This dentist is also capable of performing oral surgery. The procedure, however, is limited to the soft and hard tissues of the mouth.

Your Local Dentist in Melbourne

Need an experienced dentists in Melbourne CBD? All On 4 Dental Implants. Replacement of ALL teeth ON FOUR dental implants. We have an implant dentist, general dentist and more available. We even have an orthodontics Melbourne-based for your life-changing porcelain crown treatment. So your smile can reach its full potential with dentist Melbourne.

We’re located in Melbourne CBD (on Exhibition Street, near Collins Street, Melbourne). So the best dentist Melbourne offers is always near. Whether you need a teeth clean, emergency dental, tooth whitening or general dental services.
Get in touch with our friendly team today! Call us on our phone number (03) 9042 0483. Or book an appointment online.

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