Detox OR tooth loss

Lemon detox or tooth loss

Lemon and water in the morning?

Whether you are scrolling through Instagram or talking to one of your health conscious friends; by now you have definitely heard the trend of drinking water with lemon to detox. While this combo does have its benefits on our health; could it be destroying our smiles in the process? Could it be causing tooth loss?

A lot of you may be thinking, lemons don’t contain much sugar! so why would drinking lemon infused water destroy our teeth?

Lemons may be low on sugar but they are very acidic as they have a very low pH. This can be very harmful to our teeth, as the enamel is very sensitive to changes in the pH. When our enamel is exposed to low pH levels, it tends to degrade.This process is clinically known as DENTAL EROSION. Which is the loss of tooth structure in the presence of an acidic environment. Not only may this result in exposure of the underlying dentine structure (which is more yellow than our white enamel); but this may also result in sensitivity to hot, cold, and even sweet foods. If your smile is affected my dental erosion, you may also notice that it will feel irregular when you glide your tongue across it, which is not the feeling we want.

How can you help?

On the other hand , it is interesting to know chewing sugar free gum can reduce acidity in your mouth.It can potentially save your teeth from acid damage.

Can you drink lemon water and still keep a healthy smile? Of course! But lemon water should not be your drink of choice when deciding against regular drinking water. Choosing to drink it through a straw is another great method to avoid contact with your teeth. If you do choose to participate in this health trend, we also suggest that you do NOT brush your teeth immediately after.As the mechanical force from your toothbrush may wear your teeth further. Waiting an hour will allow your teeth to re-mineralise from the acid and this is the best time to brush them. The best thing to do after consuming lemon infused water is to drink a glass of regular water right after.This will allow the pH of your mouth to get back to normal quickly.

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