FAQs about Dental Crowns and Veneers

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Can I put my crown back together myself?

A lot of people have been googling this question and coming up with very creative ways to avoid going to the Dentist in Melbourne Central Business District including using super glue! The answer to this is no. Unfortunately once the crown has fallen out it cannot be put back together by adding an adhesive. When you’re your Crown comes out, its not because there was too little adhesive used but because of the shape/structure or fit of the tooth. Your dentist designs the right fit for the cavity that specifically focuses on resisting removal or any displacement from its place.

What happens if I keep glueing my crown back into place?

Remember you’re dentist wont use an adhesive such as super glue. They use the proper materials that are suitable for the environment that they’re in. They use a professional adhesive called cement which decreases chances of tooth decay. If you keep gluing your crown back in, over time it could lead to tooth decay and you could get a cavity for the underlying tooth which means the crown will never fit back into place. You might even need a complete removal of the whole tooth.

My Crown needs whitening. Is this possible?

Your dentist can whiten veneers, fillings and porcelain crowns but it can’t be done once they’re in your mouth.The material used to whiten your teeth only work on natural teeth and has no effect on anything porcelain made. If you want your crown whitened this needs to be replaced. You should whiten your natural teeth first and wait a good 2 weeks  for the colour to settle. Your dentist can than match the crown to the colour of your teeth. Unfortunately it is not possible for your crown to be whitened at the same time as your teeth.

What types of colour related problems might arise after a crown has been inserted?

Crowns tend to keep their colour throughout their duration. However its your natural teeth that discolour over time due to diet, genetics ect. This may highlight which parts of your teeth are artificial and which are natural. This can occur if you put a crown that is too white or if you stain your teeth after the crown has been put in. consulting your dentist in Melbourne Central Business District is your best option to discuss your best options. 😀

Can I whiten my Veneers?

This is similar to crowns. Veneers have a special glaze that protects them from staining. Anything porcelain based wont work with the whitening gel used. The veneers need to be taken out and replaced. You will need to whiten your teeth 2 weeks prior and then discuss this with your dentist in Melbourne Central Business District to come up with the right shade of white for you.

Why are my Veneers darkening?

Porcelain veneers hold their colour very well but composite resin tend to stain slightly over time. If your veneer has had some sort of trauma/physical impact, the inner tissue of the tooth can get damaged causing the tooth to turn yellow. If you have an old veneer this could darken over time due to the type of material that was available back then. The materials used now are far more advanced and hold their colour well.

How can I care for my veneers?

The obvious one is try to stay away from foods and drinks that stain your teeth. This is a tough one such as coffee, balsamic vinegar, curry and wine but even if you minimise this, it could delay or decrease the amount of staining. If you do eat and drink these sorts of food make sure you brush your teeth straight after for example after your coffee use a toothbrush that removes bacteria from teeth, gums and tongue. Brush your teeth regularly and see your dentist at Gorgeous Smiles in Melbourne Central Business District regularly for check ups and discussions of the correct way to look after veneers and crowns.

Although brushing after anything acidic is not advised as it will increase the chance of dental erosion. So drink some water right after coffe and anything that can stain your composite veneers !

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