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General Dentistry Melbourne

general dentistry

General Dentistry Services

General Dentistry At Gorgeous Smiles, we are passionate about providing the best personalised dental treatment to suit the unique requirements of each patient.
Our highly experienced staff will ensure they understand entirely any dental issues you may be experiencing and provide the appropriate treatment.
Whether after cosmetic dentistry or a simple check-up and clean, our dedicated team can help you.


General dentistry is a qualified dental specialist specializing in diagnosing, preventing, and treating oral health issues.
A general dentist may perform any of the following dental treatments:
- Oral examination
- Oral cancer screening
- Examining children’s teeth
- Placing sealants or toothbrushes
- Removing teeth that are not vital for chewing or those that have been traumatized or damaged by disease or injury

general dentistry

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What are the Different Types of General Dentists?

General dentistry is a dentist who is not limited to one specialty of dentistry.
A general dentist typically practices the full scope of oral surgery, including preventive dentistry, diagnosis, and treatment, in addition to performing fillings and extractions for patients with tooth decay or periodontal disease.
In addition, some general dentists offer teeth whitening, dental sealants, night guards for snoring prevention, and other treatments.

Why Do I Need a General Dentist?

General dentistry can help you maintain your teeth and gums by:
- Providing well-baby and children check-ups and cleanings
- Diagnosing and treating oral pain, infections, and diseases (including toothaches)
- Identifying dental problems that may need to be treated by a specialist
- Prescribing medication, including antibiotics if necessary.
Depending on the situation, you might want to see a paediatric dentist or an orthodontist instead.

Are There Any Treatments That My General Dentist Can't Perform?

Different treatments can be performed by a general dentist. These available dentistry procedures treatments range from teeth cleaning to implants. And continues with periodontal surgery, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, etc.

A general dentist is an oral health professional who diagnoses dental problems and performs routine dental care. Such as teeth scaling and polishing, filling cavities, placing dental crowns.

General dentistry for family may also be the only healthcare professional that provides orthodontic therapy to children under 18 years of age.

Procedures That Can Be Done at the Dentistry Office

General dentistry procedures at the dentistry office can vary in different ways. For example, an extraction can be done, or sometimes teeth may need to be pulled.

Why Choosing the Right General Dentist is Important to Your Oral Health!

A general dentist is your first point of contact for any oral health problems. A consultation with a general dentist will usually involve an examination of the mouth and teeth, which includes diagnosing the cause of any issues, so they can be treated appropriately.

What Does Your Typical Visit Include With A Regular Visit To The General Dentist

Typical Dentist Visits

The average dentist visit will usually involve a check-up, including an exam to check for cavities, gum disease, or other potential problems. Following that, the dentist may clean your teeth by scaling or polishing them.

They may also take an X-ray of your teeth to look for potential problems in the tooth roots. Finally, the dentist may provide you with preventative care suggestions about caring for your teeth to avoid many of these potential problems down the line.

Many different types of dentists can provide these services. However, they are not all created equal, and they offer different service levels at different prices. For example, some dentists offer more invasive treatments. Others only do procedures such as root canals and extractions.

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