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Gum Recession

Minoo  / Oct 01, 2020 / No Comment 
gum recession

What can you do for your gum recession?

Gum recession is a problem with gingiva or gum which happens when the gum lowers the position on the tooth and as a result having the naked root of tooth exposed. This problem does not depend on  age only and happens slowly and gradually. It is not possible to stop all the gum recession

What Causes Gum Recession?


Generally, there are many reasons causing the gum recession which include genetics. As an example some people have weak gums and When there is not enough Jaw bone to mask the teeth all the way up to the crown it can cause gum recession. However, the other efficient factors for the recession can be stopped even if you have a high chance for getting gum recession.

2.Teeth grinding and gums

There can be a lot of problems for dental health from bruxism or teeth grinding, One of them being Gum Recession. Basically, the pressure of the grinding on the gums leads to the higher chance for the gum recession. Although, it might be hard for people to quit this habit and harder for people who do it at night during their sleep but good news is you can reduce the damage to your jaw bones, teeth and gums simply by using a Mouth Guard when you go to sleep.

Contact Gorgeous Smiles today to enquire about our night guards.

3. Hurting the gum by Over-brushing

There are many people who brush their teeth too many times or too hard. In fact, the gums are not that strong to stand hard brushing. Soft brush is the best option for removing the plaque and massaging the gums without hurting them. Same strategy should be used for flossing as flossing is necessary but it is better for the damaged gums to do it gently.

4. Abnormal Teeth Position

Not accurate and right tooth positioning cause gum recession to happen faster and more frequent. To have aligned teeth means you can clean in between them easier, hence no food impaction and thus it wont damage your gums. At Gorgeous Smiles we offer Invisalign to align your teeth, not only to give you a more beautiful smile but also to keep your gum healthy.

5. Calculus & Plaque build up

When brushing and flossing alone are not effective enough to remove the plaque, the plaque gets harder to tartar which only can be removed by a dentist. In fact, your dentist will distinguish whether deeper cleaning is a better treatment for you which is also called scaling and root planning. Scaling and cleaning are better for your gums and to avoid gum disease .

If you go to your dentist regularly for your teeth cleaning and removing the plaques before it gets harder , you can avoid or control gum disease. In some cases, gum recession may need surgical treatment called gum graft which is done by periodontist. That is when Gum specialist adds to your gum to help cover the exposed roots improving their health and looks.

Moreover, the gingivitis or the beginning of gum disease, is the time when your jaw bones are not at high risk yet and it is the best time for stopping the gum recession. Bleeding, swelling and tender gums are the signs of the gingivitis. Nonetheless, there is nothing to be worried about when you start having healthy brushing and flossing habits and solve your gum problems with going to the dentist regularly.

Gum disease can turn into bone disease (periodontitis) when it has been neglected for a long time and no treatment has been done. This problem is a result of changing  the jaw bones composition due to years and years of gum disease finally affecting the bone.

Furthermore, other factors such as smoking, changing in hormones (like in pregnancy), diabetes and dry mouth lead to the gum disease. In these cases you need to see your dentist more often to regularly take care of your gum and roots not to let the disease get severe. Maintaining your gum health would be even more important as it can cause irreversible damages to your teeth and Jaws.

Gum Recession Treatments

Treating gum recession:

1- Scaling and root planning are two terms that are often used interchangeably. A dentist may offer scaling and root planing as one of the first treatments for receding gums.
2- Gum grafting is a procedure that involves replacing the gums with new ones. If a person's gums have receded significantly, a dentist may propose gum graft surgery (GGS)....
3- Pinhole surgical procedure.

We are here to help you have healthy gums!
If you have any doubt and anxiety about your gums please feel free to make an appointment with us at Gorgeous Smiles in Melbourne CBD. We are ready to help you get back your healthy gums. Read more about our Teeth Scaling and Cleaning Services at Gorgeous Smiles.  
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