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How to keep your teeth white right before the big day:

This is a common fact that all people want to have a gorgeous white smile on their wedding day. When their photographer asks for a “smile” they want to shine forever in those photos. a big issue for the brides to be is to get rid of any problems on their teeth before their day comes. Issues such as:

Here is some tips for you for your spectacular wedding:

3-5 months before the wedding : Start with a consultation

It is important to start your Smile Care early so you will not rush for it right before the wedding. Porcelain Veneer which is also known as “permanent Teeth Whitening” is a bigger procedure than common dental bleaching. Keep in mind that Porcelain Veneers are one of your choices to get whiter teeth. Thus, you may want to consider different treatment options by having your consultation soon. Call Us

2 months before the wedding : Have you clean done

It is very important to get your teeth cleaning and scaling done before Teeth Whitening. Teeth Scaling and cleaning is the procedure that removed the plaque and tartar from the surface of teeth leaving them smooth and clean for whitening to be more effective.

2-3 weeks before the wedding: Do your Teeth Whitening

Have your teeth bleaching done 2 weeks before the big day to make sure the lustre is still there but your gum and teeth are not sensitive anymore. It is a big mistake to get your teeth whitened professionally the day before the wedding because the sensitivity might irritate you on your wedding day on the other hand the colour of your teeth only settle within two weeks after the treatment is done.

In this procedure which will be done at our Dental Spa by a professional dentist, the whitening gel with high concentration of hydrogen peroxide will be used to whiten your teeth. Fluoride treatment after the treatment will help your teeth desensitise.

1 week before the Wedding: Follow up with home whitening

In this procedure, a custom made tray will be made for your teeth which you can fill it with whitening gel and place it on your teeth at home. The gel has less concentration of hydrogen peroxide (best to use 6%) so it is safer for you to do it. It is recommended to use home whitening up to one week before the wedding to prevent sensitivity or gum irritation on your wedding day.


 for newly engaged:

1.Take care of your teeth

There are lots of things for you in the months before your wedding, Dress, Venue, Photographer etc. non of them as important as your smile on the day!

You can survive without almost all of the mentioned items, your smile is not one of the them. Try to maintain your oral health even though you’re super busy on those days. as an example If your gum is bleeding because you didn’t floss regularly Teeth Whitening would not be an option not to mention your smile wont look nice and clean on the day.Read about Philips Teeth Whitening here.

2. Follow a healthy diet

Chewing healthy crunchy snacks such as apple or celery can be as useful as brushing your teeth. These snacks are the source of fibres which will clean your teeth and strengthen your gum. Meanwhile, try to avoid dark or sticky foods such as red wine, coffee, balsamic vinegar and barbecue sauce. If it is too hard to avoid them – as we all love coffee and wine here at Gorgeous Smiles 😀 – try to have coffee with a straw (Yes, We know it won’t be as fun but you are going to be a bride so a lot to be sacrificed ) or have a glass of water right after these drinks can be an option.

3.Drink more water

Consuming more water before the big day will help you have a shiny smile along with a stunning skin. Drinking water will wash down the remained stains after food and keep your smile as white as your dress. Other advantage of drinking more water is moistening your mouth and lips causing it simpler for you to smile and avoid cracked lips.

3. Use the right toothpaste

Do not use toothpaste with silica especially if your teeth are sensitive. Use toothpaste whit Kaolin clay and bentonite clay which make it a safer and more effective toothpaste for brushing the stains off.

4. Watch Your Mouthwash

Using mouthwash is a popular way to have fresh breath in the mornings but it can be a threat to your teeth. Mouthwashes usually have alcohol which may dry the dental works such as composite and can make your teeth weaker. Alcohol is one of the risk factors of oral cancer too, so avoiding alcoholic mouthwashes is highly recommended. Best  solution would be to rinse your teeth with clear alcohol-free mouthwash or simply salt water.

5. Be smart

It is hard for some of us to watch our diet as some food and beverages are not avoidable. Therefore, you can use a straw while drinking . So always have a straw in your purse as you will need it till your Wedding day.

6. Cosmetic consideration

There are other certain things in terms of cosmetics that you can follow to look perfect on your day such as:

Avoid gold jewellery which has yellow colour tone and use sparkly earrings which make your teeth appear whiter

Use red, rose and pink lipsticks which make a strong contrast with the colour of your teeth.

Don’t forget that wedding day is a big day for you so be as shiny as a star with starting all of the above tips to get yourself ready!

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