Oral Hygiene Instructions

If you are looking forward to have healthy teeth you should brush and floss them at least twice a day and planning a regular dental appointments every six month.


Today we have some good advices for you here and they are listed as below:


One of the easiest and also smartest ways to keep your teeth healthy is to change your toothbrush more often.

There is another reason beyond the bristles fraying and that is a lot of bacteria will trap on the bristles of our toothbrush after brushing.

Make sure to store the toothbrush upright to letting it dry otherwise it gets smelly soon.

You should still remember to replace your bristles 2-3 times a year.


Tongue has one of the most important rolls in oral freshness

Same bacteria on your tooth can stay on your tongue too.

So it’s the best way to use a tongue scraper,or even use your regular toothbrush to clean your tongue.and then you can feel your mouth feels more fresh.


You Don’t need to brush too hard to get rid of those food particles and plaques on your teeth,because there is a big risk that you are moving tooth enamel and this part is the first layer of the tooth which defends against decay.

You can use soft bristles to prevent your enamel from scraping and your gum from receding.


Some foods are the enemy of the teeth like sugar ,carbs and also acidic and fizzy drinks which makes tooth erosion.

Instead you can have some foods that actually help your teeth

You can add cheese yogurt vegetables like carrots celery and some nuts like almond to your diet .

By scrubbing vegetables like carrot you will be preventing gum disease ,remineralising your tooth enamel and also balancing your mouth PH.


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