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dental payment plan

Why a dental payment plan? have you always thought of having those beautiful sets of Porcelain veneers to have a gorgeous smile that will light up the whole room?

Are you thinking of having your tooth removed because that Root Canal Treatment is too expensive?

Well,Worry no more here comes MySmilePlan a dental payment plan to save you so much trouble, You can put your dental treatment on a payment plan, does not matter if it is your next annual cleaning or your Cosmetic dental work like a Porcelain Veneer or a dental crown.

No Interest

Best part is you will not pay interest with MySmilePlan, it is completely Interest free. 20% of the total amount you are going to put on the plan is required on the day of the set-up. Get to know more about dental payment plans on the website.

Quick and Simple

After having a consult with your dentist and accepting the plan the application is quick and easy. You need to provide your Australian Drivers Licence or passport and some contact details. All it takes is a 2 minute credit check. It’s not income tested so no pay slips are required.

You can put as much as $100 up to $9000 on a plan. If you are planning $100-$500 the plan goes for 3 months, anything between $501-$2000 will be a 9 months plan, anything up to $9000 will go for 15 months.

You can even pay off the whole plan early no extra fees! Check our dental payment plans in Melbourne.

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