No gaps dental

What is Gap Free Dental?

Essentially, it means that our policy will cover the full cost of the eligible patient’s general and preventative dental treatment. This also includes the “gap” amount, between the cost of treatment and the insurance rebate received. Simply said, you won’t have to pay a cent.

Gorgeous Smiles is passionate about providing exceptional dental services to all of our valued clients, no matter their financial situation.

Our GAP FREE Dental Melbourne is available to ALL Dental insurance holders, no matter it is BUPA, NIB or HCF etc. Through our Gap Free Dental policy, we can provide a range of general and preventative services to eligible customers.

Our Melbourne No Gaps dental service

Gorgeous Smiles No Gaps dental Melbourne services include:

Dental check-up and clean service will include a clean and polish to remove any excess plaque build-ups. We will also check your overall oral health. We believe in the power of prevention. Therefore, we will investigate your teeth and gums to identify any potential problems and advise of any necessary treatment.

No Gaps Dental

NIB Dental provider Melbourne CBD

Are you searching for HCF dental providers Melbourne CBD? Well at Gorgeous Smiles, we are the HCF preferred provider dentist. Additionally, we can provide you with a check-up and clean at NO additional cost. Our highly qualified staff provide nothing but the best service to every one of our customers. You can trust us with your precious pearly whites.

This is why we offer NIB Dental Cover Melbourne. We believe everyone deserves a Gorgeous Smile. To achieve and maintain this, regular and preventative dental care is important. We urge you to take good care of your glorious teeth and take advantage of our No Gaps dental Melbourne offer. You will certainly save money in the long run and keep your teeth happy and healthy.

Just because we don’t charge you for our NO Gaps dental Melbourne, doesn’t mean we would ever compromise on safety or quality of service. We provide the same exceptional treatment to every single patient, no matter their financial situation. We take great pride in our staff’s level of care and dedication to each patient. We urge you to come and experience the Gorgeous Smiles service for yourself.

Why Choose our Melbourne Gap Free Dental Service?

At Gorgeous Smiles, we know how important it is to care for your teeth properly. Regular dental check-ups and cleans are integral in keeping your teeth healthy and identifying any potential issues before they turn bad. Prevention really is key. It is easy to not notice dental issues such as cavities until it is too late, especially when the cost of treatment is substantial.

Gorgeous Smiles’ highly trained dental professionals will provide you with the highest quality service possible. Furthermore, we are extremely pedantic about abiding by necessary safety precautions and only use the best technology available. Our dental equipment is sterilised in hospital-grade autoclaves and our staff are exceptionally trained in hygiene and safety procedures. You are safe in our hands.

We pride ourselves on being accessible to the people of Melbourne. First of all, we are open every day of the week. We understand that dental emergencies hit at the most impractical of times, so we are here to cater to that. Besides, we understand that you are probably extremely busy and may not be able to get to the dentist during the week. Secondly, we are centrally located in the Melbourne CBD near Parliament station, making our clinic easy to access. And finally, our Gap Free Dental services allow private health insurance holders to access dental care at no cost for general and preventative dental treatment.

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We promise the utmost level of care and service with No Gaps! If that doesn’t bring a Gorgeous Smile to your face, we don’t know what will. Let us uncover your Gorgeous Smile.

Do you require Gap free dentistry in Melbourne? Or a NIB/HCF dental provider in Melbourne, CBD?

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