Porcelain Veneers : Why Gorgeous Smiles

Here at Gorgeous Smiles we will give you a consultation an ask you what you want to have as your future Smile? or what does your dream smile look like? We try to manage your expectations and tell you what can be done, because with every person, every smile , every case there is different results we can get.

Here is a before and after photo of Nasim our beloved dental nurse who decided she wants to have her smile changed, her teeth were broken on the edges and her smile was not what she wanted it to be:.

We had a consultation and advised her that she needs upper 6 front teeth Veneered at least for her smile to change.She also wanted whiter teeth so she picked the shade and we started preparing her teeth for Ceramic veneers. You can see the step by step video of her journey here:



Each tooth was shaped, scanned and designed with our fantastic intra-oral scanner so we did not take any impressions / moulds (what everyone hates). each Porcelain Veneer took 2 hours to be ready so she did not need to wear any temporary veneers for 3-4 weeks, only couple of hours watching her favourite TV show on Netflix in chair while her Veneers got ready!

The result was mind blowing, She loved her new smile and we just cannot stop looking at it!

The material we use is Zirconia, E-max, Vita Suprinity or other Australian made porcelain, We always consider patients comfort before everything , that is why we provide a Single Day Crown or Veneer appointment because nothing is better than saving so much time and being so comfortable to have your procedure done in one appointment. Feel the comfort of Single appointment Dentistry with Gorgeous Smiles.

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