What SureSmile clear aligner Can Do For Your Smile

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Orthodontics and SureSmile Clear Aligner

Orthodontics is the practice of correcting the teeth’s position. While additionally remediating the jaw and associated joints strength. Traditionally, braces were the primary tool used in the field of orthodontics. However, since its conception, there have been significant dental improvements in technology. This resulted in innovative products such as the SureSmile Clear Aligner.

In comparison to traditional methods, the SureSmile Clear Aligner provides distinctive beneficial improvements on the previous corrective system.

  • Primarily, the alleviation of individuals anxiety; when they consider the negative aesthetical effect on their smile when using braces.
  • Alleviation of this anxiety is achieved through dynamic technology used by SureSmiles; which results in a completely clear aligner.
  • Consequentially, patients can undergo corrective treatment with zero sacrifices on the appearance of the individual's smile.

SureSmile Clear Aligner / Invisible Braces Procedure

Initially, you will have an exciting snapshot of your future perfect smile as our dentists complete your first appointment at Gorgeous Smiles. Here, our friendly team will use the latest technology to compute a 3D digital blueprint of your teeth using x-rays and scans.

Following this session, you will have a unique set of aligners customised to your dental requirements to produce perfectly positioned teeth. Your dentists will advise you how often you require to swap aligners to the next in the series. And of course, will be happy to inform any questions or concerns you may have.

SureSmile Invisible Braces Benefits

Gorgeous Smiles provide only the best dental care to our clients. That result in the best possible dental care and improvement. Including, the incredible SureSmile clear aligners which not only can result in no braces. They are the most advanced form of invisible aligners available on the market. A study by the University of Minnesota proved that the SureSmile CAD models were the most precise moulding of an individual’s teeth achievable.

As such, the clear aligners Melbourne treatment by Gorgeous Smiles is unequivocally the most advanced treatment available to you. It can reposition teeth in a short amount of time.

Also, you will have complete peace of mind as you will not suffer from any aesthetical drawback due to the transparent material of the aligner used. It's so clear only you will know you’re wearing them!

Further to corrective dental treatment, you will discover that the SureSmile teeth straightening cost are significantly lower than other orthodontic options.

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