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Dental Crowns – How to Restore Your Damaged Teeth

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  What are Dental Crowns? Dental crowns are a type of dental restoration used to improve the strength, function, and appearance of a tooth. To do so, a tooth-shaped cap, also known as a crown, is simply cemented onto a damaged tooth to cover and prevent further damage. Crowns are often needed when a severe cavity threatens the health of a tooth. However, crowns can also be used to cosmetically enhance and augment teeth by improving their shape, colour and alignment. Other reasons a dentist may recommend crowns are: 1) To replace a large filling when there is not enough […]

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Discoloured Teeth and how to fix it

Dental Implants v3 1024x345 - Discoloured Teeth and how to fix it

Teeth Discolouration : We’ve all been there. Why does this happen? Can we reduce this? What can we do at home to help?! Discoloured teeth can happen to anyone depending on a number of things like genetics environment trauma poor hygiene. We all go through that stage in our lives where we question the colour of our teeth. Sometimes tooth discolouration can be normal over time and not harmful. Remember no one is born with pearly white perfect teeth. Discolouration can show as white streaks, yellow tinge or even brown spots. Firstly, there are few different types of discolouration. One […]

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What is a Same Day Crown or Veneer

At Gorgeous Smiles we do Same Day Crowns or Veneers To do Ceramic Crowns or Veneers traditionally you need to go to your dentist, First there will be 2-3 dental Impressions (moulds) done on your teeth, this usually induces gag reflex and patients do not enjoy having their impressions done. Taking impressions can take about 15 minutes on average. At Gorgeous Smiles we Scan your (With TRIOS Intra-oral Scanner) teeth instead of taking uncomfortable impressions we take 3D pictures and videos of your teeth with our intra-oral scanner which is as accurate as scanning 6 micrometers (6 μm ).  Read […]

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