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4 Bad dental habits you need to stop now!

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You may not realise it, but simple dental habits that form a part of your daily life may be damaging your teeth! Oral hygiene and care are vital components of a healthy body. It keeping your teeth, gums and mouth healthy is an important step to overall wellbeing. That being said, it’s easy to forget that sometimes something as seemingly innocuous as chewing on the end of your pen can cause your teeth harm. Read on to find out about four seemingly harmless habits that are slowly but surely damaging your pearly whites. 1) Biting your nails We all know […]

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Gorgeous Smiles Dental Melbourne – Do What’s Best For Your Teeth

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Do you feel self-conscious about your smile? Are you often hesitant to show your smile or are constantly covering your mouth? At Gorgeous Smiles, we truly believe that everyone has their own unique gorgeous smile. However, we understand that not being happy with how you look can drastically affect your confidence. This is why we offer the best exceptional range of cosmetic and laser dentistry Melbourne services. Everyone deserves to feel gorgeous when they smile. Let Gorgeous Smiles Dental become your go-to dentist and make this a reality for you.   The Perfect Smile with dentist Melbourne Are you dreaming […]

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Saving a knocked-out tooth. Is it really possible?

knocked out tooth

A knocked-out tooth is referred to by dentists as an “avulsed” tooth. It constitutes one of the most serious dental emergencies. But yes, your avulsed tooth can be saved! However, you must act quickly and ensure no further damage occurs to the tooth. A tooth being knocked-out also causes damage to the nerves, blood vessels and supporting tissues. All avulsed teeth need a root canal. This is because the nerves and blood vessels cannot be repaired. However, there is a strong chance that the root of the tooth can reattach to the bone when putting back in the correct place. […]

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Everything you need to know about porcelain dental veneers

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Our Porcelain veneers Melbourne are like a ceramic/porcelain jacket put on your teeth. A thin shell of porcelain is permanently glued to the front side of your teeth. They create minimal tooth structure damage, and drastically improve the look of your teeth! Porcelain veneers are the secret to achieving that angelic smile that everyone desires. Especially when matched with Gorgeous Smile’s Teeth Whitening Services. With porcelain veneers Melbourne, you’ll have the teeth of your dreams! It is important to have the veneers made to suit your teeth also smile perfectly for a stunning natural look. At Gorgeous Smiles, we pick […]

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What is a Same Day Crown or Veneer

At Gorgeous Smiles we do Same Day Crowns or Veneers To do Ceramic Crowns or Veneers traditionally you need to go to your dentist, First there will be 2-3 dental Impressions (moulds) done on your teeth, this usually induces gag reflex and patients do not enjoy having their impressions done. Taking impressions can take about 15 minutes on average. At Gorgeous Smiles we Scan your (With TRIOS Intra-oral Scanner) teeth instead of taking uncomfortable impressions we take 3D pictures and videos of your teeth with our intra-oral scanner which is as accurate as scanning 6 micrometers (6 μm ).  Read […]

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Digital Dentistry at Gorgeous Smiles

Gorgeous Smiles Provides Faster, More Comfortable Treatment for her Patients with Digital Dentistry [wpvideo OiouOrbv] At Gorgeous Smiles —we are now making treatment faster and more comfortable for her patients with intraoral scanning and digital dentistry. Have you been told you need a dental crown on one of your teeth? Have you been considering Ceramic Veneers done for cosmetic beautiful smiles and you are worried about the procedure and the cost? At Gorgeous Smiles we have a solution to your concerns! Gorgeous Smiles has added the industry’s most accurate* intraoral scanner, TRIOS® by 3Shape, to power her digital practice. Intraoral scanners, like TRIOS®, […]

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Which one is the choice for me Teeth Whitening or Ceramic Veneer?

Have you been wondering if you should whiten your teeth or not?   Have you always wanted the perfect pearly Hollywood smile but you are not sure which one to choose?   Are you wondering about the effects of Teeth Whitening Vs Veneers?   The advantages of Veneers over Teeth Whitening : Veneers are permanently white, although using the term permanent is not really correct but they are until they need to be changed. Veneers life time on average would be 7-10 years and usually much much longer while Teeth Whitening lasts 1-3 years. With Ceramic Veneers you choose the […]

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