Teeth Whitening Facts vs. Myths

teeth whitening

Have you always dreamed of having that perfect smile? Have you always dreamed of having people complimenting your gorgeous pearly white teeth? Then Gorgeous Smiles’ Zoom Teeth Whitening Melbourne is what you are searching for.

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Still not sure that teeth whitening is right for you? Have you heard stories and facts that make you unsure? We are here to clarify what exactly is true and false about these common claims.

“Teeth whitening will harm my teeth”: Myth!

Whitening your teeth causes no harm. The only side effect of teeth whitening is teeth sensitivity. Teeth sensitivity is caused by the slightly acidic nature of Hydrogen Peroxide. However, at Gorgeous Smiles, we cater to this. We apply Fluoride varnish after each treatment to ensure sensitivity is gone within two days.

“An at-home teeth whitening product is cheaper and risk-free”: Myth!

There is a multitude of risks involved with at home teeth whitening. For one, you may choose a low-quality product that could damage your teeth. You may incorrectly apply or overuse the product, again resulting in damaged teeth. At home product will never match the quality and results of our Zoom Teeth Whitening. And it is possible you may do more damage than good.

“Once Whitened, my teeth will stay white forever”: Myth!

A popular query! Sadly no, your Zoom Teeth Whitening will not last forever. The length of time your teeth remain whitened varies greatly. Unsurprisingly, behaviours such as smoking, excess coffee/tea/wine intake and simply not taking care of your teeth result in discolouration. If you do care for your teeth well, your results will last the longest. But generally speaking, results last from around 12-24 months. And touch-ups can be completed quickly and easily.

“I can use baking soda to whiten my teeth”: Myth!

Believe us; this doesn’t work. And it will likely disrupt the ratio of your mouth’s bacteria.

“My crowns and veneers can be whitened: Myth!

Our Zoom services are designed specially to work only on natural teeth. They cannot whiten your crowns and veneers. These must be replaced instead to match the colour of your teeth.

“Gorgeous Smiles offers the Best Teeth Whitening Melbourne services”: FACT!

Our Zoom Teeth Whitening service really is Melbourne’s best at the most affordable price. Get in contact with Gorgeous Smiles today and find out why!

So, there you have it. Our Zoom Teeth Whitening Services really are of the utmost level of quality and safety. At Gorgeous Smiles, we would never think of doing anything to compromise your beautiful smile. Your teeth are safe in our (gloved) hands.

Ready for perfectly white teeth? Choose Gorgeous Smiles as your teeth whitening dentist Melbourne. Contact us today on (03) 9042 0483 to redeem you half price teeth whitening service. Or explore our website for more information on teeth whitening cost Melbourne.

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