Teeth Whitening – What Are The Costs?

teeth whitening costs

Teeth whitening and the costs associated is a frequently asked question, however, as there are many whitening products available in the market prices tend to vary. Dental bleaching ranges from retail kits to professional cosmetic dentistry procedures. Therefore, there are two factors that need to be considered to understand the price of each whitening treatment:  

1)    Time of the procedure: How fast you will achieve a whiter smile will impact the price that you are going to pay. The reason behind this is because the procedures that can whiten your teeth in fewer hours, use the latest and most innovative technology. These whitening procedures are technologically proven to guarantee whiter smiles. They come with high quality and safe whitening compounds. In other words, you are paying for the benefits and superiority of the equipment and technology.  

2)   The shade you desire. Similar to the time of the procedure: the whiter you want your smile to be, the more you are likely to pay. To obtain a pure white smile the bleaching components need to have a high level of hydrogen peroxide, which is a bleaching agent. Generally, the stronger the whitening solution the whiter your teeth become. It is important to note that in Australia, only a dental practitioner can provide products that release more than 6% hydrogen peroxide. This is due to preventive care needs to be taken when administering high levels of hydrogen peroxide. Consequently, cheap over the counter products might not generate the best results if you are looking to obtain a sparkling white smile.

– In-office whitening
This treatment is considered the most costly. Your dentists use safe, innovative equipment and high concentrated whitening solutions. Furthermore, the procedure guarantees better results in a short amount of time. In Melbourne, an in-office services cost around $500 to $600 AUD depending on the dental clinic you visit. Remember at Gorgeous Smiles you can always put your treatment on a payment plan without having to pay interest. Read Here to find out more about our finance options.

– Dentist Home kits
This procedure costs around $250 to $300 Australian dollars in Melbourne. They are cheaper than in-office treatments. They take approximately over two weeks to see results. Results take longer as home kits normally release lower levels of hydrogen peroxide than in-office treatments. Dentist Home kits and In-Office are administered by qualified dentists. So guarantying that are safe methods to whiten your teeth.   

–    Retail and DIY Kits: These whitening methods are the most economical. Additionally, they do not contain high levels of hydrogen peroxide and take up to months for you to see results. The associated cost is around $150 to $50 AUD or even less. However, retail products have the possibility to cause gum burns or gum irritation. This is because the trays are not customized to your mouth and teeth. DIY whitening solutions are not ideal either. As they tend to be acidic and abrasive which can damage your teeth. Which method you end up deciding to use will depend on your personal preferences, budget, and time constraints. 

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However, it is important to understand that it is recommended to get your teeth whitened by a dentist. This way you are ensuring that the procedure will be carried out in a safe manner, while also receiving effective and long-lasting results. To learn more about the teeth whitening treatment at Gorgeous Smiles, visit our dental clinic in Melbourne.


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