What is a Porcelain Veneer

Porcelain veneer is the best option for alteration of the position, shape, size and colour of the tooth. This treatment requires some tooth preparation such as reduction which makes it an easier way comparing to the crown which needs a bigger portion of tooth structure for removing.

Veneer is a thin layer which is made of dental restorative material such as porcelain and replaces the enamel of the tooth. Dental porcelain is a way in dentistry for creation of dental crowns and bridges.

Dental porcelains are made for the best imitations of tooth with resemblance of tooth enamel.At Gorgeous Smiles We provide you with the best Australian made material to last you a very long time. Veneers are different from Fillings or Porcelain fillings ! Veneers are made purely for cosmetic reasons to enhance the shape and colour of your smile.

The procedure includes the specifying the shade of the porcelain by the dentist which is instructed by the porcelain powder. At Gorgeous Smiles, the shade of your teeth- or the shade you want your teeth to be is determined using a digital and computerized shade guide.

Porcelain powder will be mixed with water and then placed in the oven for firing. After that, more porcelain layers will be made up for more resemblance with the natural tooth enamel.

For Porcelain Veneer treatment, the patient needs to have some conditions related to their dental health or their tooth structure which is:

  1. The patients should have less or more normal teeth position
  2. A good structure of the tooth is needed for the existence of the veneer, teeth with large cavities need to first be fixed (filled or root canal) then can have a Veneer on top.
  3. Symmetrical gum plan is needed to be present which provide a better structure for a gorgeous cosmetic result.


Overall, the porcelain veneers are the best solutions for minimizing the gaps between teeth, correction slight rotations of the teeth positions, adjusting the inappropriate colour, shape, contours and for solving some minor bite problems.

However, there are some limitations with veneers such as correction the poor position of the tooth, big variation of root position, Inappropriate bite and profile. In these cases, the bite must be corrected by orthodontics to move the teeth into a correct position.

The process of this treatment includes the dental examination of the teeth health and structure and analysing the face and the teeth for an appropriate size of the teeth and a better smile. The next step is the scanning of the patient’s smile with computer imaging process.

This part of the procedure is a beneficial part for the patient to allow us replicate the desirable size and shape of the tooth. Thus, there is a chance for the dentist to view and change the veneer before preparing it.

The third step is the art part of the dentistry when the dentist chose the correct colour for the porcelain veneers depending on:

  1. The tone of the colour
  2. The intensity of the colour
  3. The darkness or lightness of the hue

In fact, in this step patient can contribute for choosing the colour which depends on the colour of their existing tooth known as the “Natural Colour”. Moreover, patient can change the colour of their tooth in two ways including the “Enhanced White” which is the much brighter colour or “Hollywood White” which is the shiny version and more popular among the celebrities.

Although, due to the other teeth and the natural teeth underneath, the veneer will be like a contact lens and get the original colour of the tooth but then it will be adjusted with the chosen colour of the porcelain.

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There are some important facts about the porcelain veneer that you must know:

. The treatment needs some reduction of the tooth so it cannot be considered as a reversible treatment.

. The treatment does not need any local anaesthetic but for the patient with sensitive teeth this is advised.

. The laboratory time for the preparation of the porcelain veneer is about two weeks. However, in our clinic with the latest CAD/CAM technology it is a same-day procedure and the patient will get the prepared veneer within one day.

. There can be some sensitivity to hot and cold in few days due to the removing some parts of the tooth cover which will be disappeared after a few days of the treatment time.

. The cementation of the veneers can be done with or without the injection and with the white light and a light sensitive material and therefore, binding hardly to the patient teeth.

. The replaced veneer is very strong and resists most of the powers and forces upon it by a normal diet. Basically, the porcelain is made of glass so it is a strong material but breakable. Thus, avoiding the actions with your teeth which needs power and force is advised such as opening nuts, chewing bones or candy.

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