What is a Same Day Crown or Veneer

At Gorgeous Smiles we do Same Day Crowns or Veneers

To do Ceramic Crowns or Veneers traditionally you need to go to your dentist, First there will be 2-3 dental Impressions (moulds) done on your teeth, this usually induces gag reflex and patients do not enjoy having their impressions done. Taking impressions can take about 15 minutes on average.

At Gorgeous Smiles we Scan your (With TRIOS Intra-oral Scanner) teeth instead of taking uncomfortable impressions we take 3D pictures and videos of your teeth with our intra-oral scanner which is as accurate as scanning 6 micrometers (6 μm ).  Read more about Ceramic Veneers and Porcelain Crowns .

Ceramic (Porcelain) Veneer :

At your traditional dentist you need to have your teeth prepared and then have one or two more impressions done, you will get a temporary crown after to cover the prepared tooth and you need to wait 3-4 weeks to have your dental Crown or Veneer ready .

The main issue patients have is with the temporary crown, it can be uncomfortable, it can come out and cause sensitivity.

Ceramic (Porcelain) Crown: 

At Gorgeous Smiles you do not need to worry about having a temporary crown. We will send all the 3D photos and scans of your teeth to our Milling machine , it is similar to a 3D printer and will carve your crown from a Ceramic block.

Then we will cement it on your tooth so instead of a 3 long appointments you need one and you will have your beautiful Ceramic Crown/Veneer done in one session.Watch the video bellow from one of our patients who had her Porcelain Veneer done at Gorgeous Smiles. For most patients, every dental visit represents time away from their families,work, or other important tasks, to be honest patients usually prefer to be anywhere else but at the dentist. By providing same day Dental treatment, at Gorgeous Smiles, We save our patients precious time not to mention The procedure is more comfortable and pleasant.

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