Which one is the choice for me Teeth Whitening or Ceramic Veneer?

Have you been wondering if you should whiten your teeth or not?


Have you always wanted the perfect pearly Hollywood smile but you are not sure which one to choose?


Are you wondering about the effects of Teeth Whitening Vs Veneers?


The advantages of Veneers over Teeth Whitening :

  1. Veneers are permanently white, although using the term permanent is not really correct but they are until they need to be changed.
  2. Veneers life time on average would be 7-10 years and usually much much longer while Teeth Whitening lasts 1-3 years.
  3. With Ceramic Veneers you choose the colour of your future smile while with Teeth Whitening treatment there is not much of a choice, the material will take the extra colours and stains off from your teeth but that is about it.
  4. with Ceramic Veneers you do not need to be worried about teeth sensitivity while there is a bit of sensitivity with Teeth Whitening.
  5. You do not need to repeat the procedure again and again weather at home or office with Veneers as they stay there for a very long time and if done nicely they look like your own natural teeth but whiter.
  6. if you do not have straight teeth Veneers can straighten your smile to some extent while whitening them too.
  7. There is no food or drink restriction when it comes to Ceramic Veneers, you do not need to avoid coffee or red wine as the ceramic’s colour is permanently unchangeable.

Here is a before and after photo of Ceramic Veneers done on a beautiful smile of one of our patients at Gorgeous smiles Dentistry, you can see not only it looks whiter but also the front teeth have been straightened.

The advantages of Teeth Whitening Over Ceramic Veneers:


  1. Teeth Whitening is much cheaper to do than Ceramic Veneers, in Australia Teeth whitening cost is $250-$900 and Ceramic Veneers cost would be $1000-$2500 (per tooth).The price difference can be only a marketing issue not having anything to do with the quality of the work usually as long as you make sure you are at a qualified dentist the job shall be done perfectly.
  2. You do not need any physical reduction from the tooth surface. When it comes to Ceramic Veneers the dentist has to scratch the surface of the teeth so the Veneers would stick on, this is not much usually around 0.5 mm but necessary to provide a good grip for the Veneers on the other hand there is no tooth surface damage when it comes to teeth whitening.
  3. Teeth whitening is reversible so if you regret your decision the natural colour of your teeth will be back in couple of years top.

Here is a before and after photo of a teeth whitening done at Gorgeous Smiles Dentistry :

IMG 3694 1 300x300 - Which one is the choice for me Teeth Whitening or Ceramic Veneer?


We at Gorgeous Smiles cosmetic dentistry hope this blog post helped you make a better decision for your smile! 🙂

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