Brushing your teeth with Charcoal powders and pastes are the new hot trend!

Showing up everywhere from instagram, facebook, and word of mouth. Before and after pictures promise pearly whites after just one use, which might make it enticing to give it a try. But just before you decide to pick up a tube for yourself, it might be smart to get a professional opinion on what dentists have to say on this topic, why is that we go through the trouble of office teeth whitening instead of just recommending the toothpaste?

How does it work?

Charcoal toothpastes work by its porosity, which is good for soaking up stains (like a sponge) and then they can be washed. BUT- the second way it works is by abrasiveness. That means by brushing your teeth, you’re scraping away a tiny layer from the surface of your teeth, revealing the white layer underneath.

Do dentists recommend it?

Short answer: NO- Teeth do no regenerate and you have to make them last a lifetime. It is not healthy to continue to use charcoal whitening in the long term, as it continuously will wear away your natural teeth. This can cause worsening sensitivity, weakening the teeth, and it might even damage fillings if you have them. We recommend professionally applied teeth whitening or whitening strips as the best alternative.

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Happy whitening!

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