Your Oral Health is Saving Your Life

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Brush, Brush and Brush those problems away!

You’ve heard it before, poor dental hygiene isn’t something you want to practice. So what happens when you decide to save some time and not focus on your oral health?

Unfortunately, not looking after your gums,teeth and mouth can become a serious problem. We’re not just talking about a root canal or an extraction but other health issues that could affect your overall health. We just want to remind everyone that your mouth has a lot of bacteria and we mean a lot, over 600 strains to give you an idea. If left alone, that bacteria gets absorbed by the bloodstream and makes its way to other parts of your body.

Let’s discuss some health concerns associated with a lack of brushing,flossing or getting your teeth scaled and cleaned at the dentist .

Firstly, we’ll state the obvious. Money. Although its not considered a health concern, financial stress can still affect our overall health. If you maintain good oral hygiene, and see your dentist for routine check ups, believe it or not, this is a great preventative to spending loads more money  in the end with costly procedures to save your teeth and gums.

Periodontal disease is a pretty serious condition that can affect both your gums and breakdown your jawbone. Although it is treatable, this disease has been linked to a few other health concerns such as endocarditis which is a cardiovascular disease. This bacteria can attach itself to plaque in your arteries and cause inflammation hence causing problems with your heart.

Dementia has been linked to people who do not regularly look after their teeth. Studies show that roughly 65 percent of people who were diagnosed with dementia had bad oral hygiene.

This next health concern is for all the pregnant mums out there. Did you know that if you’re expecting and you don’t brush and floss regularly, you could have a  premature birth? Studies show that bacteria and inflammation in your mouth can surround themselves to your placenta by entering the bloodstream.

A lack of brushing can also cause pneumonia. How you ask? When you have that much bacteria in your mouth and do nothing about it, you start to inhale these into your lungs which can cause pneumonia amongst other problems. A hospital study showed that patients which increased their oral health lowered their chances of getting pneumonia by a whopping 40 percent!

In addition to the above health problems, a lack of teeth care can increase blood pressure, lead to chronic kidney disease and can increase your risk of getting a form of cancer.

Now that we’ve scared ourselves writing this,  would be a good time to start practicing good oral hygiene as of today! Brush regularly, floss, see your dentist in Melbourne CBD and remind yourself that a lack of this can lead far beyond cavities and stained/yellow teeth. We must think of the bigger picture and remember prevention is the key!

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