Invisalign! What is it?

隐适美 is known as the world’s leading system in teeth straightening. Designed to correct crooked or misaligned teeth. The dental industry, it is called the invisible alternative to braces, increasingly growing in popularity.

Invisalign technology

It involves the use of 3D computer imaging technology to create a series of clear aligners to gradually move the teeth into a beautifully straight and healthy smile. The aligners are removable. Custom-made trays that are worn 22 hours a day. Removed only for eating, drinking and cleaning your teeth. The aligners are changed every 14 days. They become tighter each time and gradually move your teeth into alignment.

What can Invisalign treatment fix?



Our teeth straightening Visualise progress and get an indication of treatment length – your individually-mapped digital teeth straightening treatment plan visualises progressive movement from beginning to end.


Our teeth straightening treatment uses clear aligners so you can smile with confidence, even during treatment. You can still attend your special events without worrying about how you will look in the photos.


Fewer doctor visits than teeth straightening with traditional braces. Removable aligners make it easier to maintain oral health during teeth straightening treatment.


There are no metal brackets to irritate your gums or the inside of your mouth.


Eat your favourite foods – unlike traditional braces, there are no restrictions as you remove your aligners to eat and drink.


Teeth straightening can correct bites and alignment including overbites, underbites, crossbites, gap teeth (diastema), crowded teeth, overlapping teeth and crooked teeth..

Starting The Process

Step 1

Complimentary Invisalign Consult

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Step 2

Receive your aligners

At your next appointment, your doctor will ensure your aligners fit well, answer your questions, and let you know what to expect. The aligners are printed specifically for your teeth and are changed every two weeks to slowly mould your teeth into the correct position.
Step 3

Ready for a brand-new smile

Once the most intensive period of treatment is completed, you can simply go back to wearing night-time retainers to keep your teeth in place and ensure your teeth straightening result lasts forever! You now have the smile that you have always dreamed of.

Teeth straightening Treatment At Gorgeous Smiles

With the comfort of looking great, you can now have your teeth straightening treatment completed by the dentist Melbourne at Gorgeous Smiles.

Without having to worry about how you look with all the wires and braces, our dentist can help! You do not have to worry if there is a piece of food stuck in them after having lunch and before an important meeting. Forget the days of close-mouthed smiles and laughing behind your hand, we provide high-quality for very crooked teeth, because everyone deserves the confidence and happiness that a beautiful smile can provide.
A Free Consultation
Professional and experienced dentists
Personalised perfectly for your teeth
Highly updated technological tools
Visualise the treatment progress and end result before you start
Free night-time retainers and home whitening kit after the treatment

Invisalign Before and After

Want to see some real-life Invisalign results after the treatments? Head over to our before and after page to see all of our happy customers! Or visit us on Google My Business for more.

Teeth Straightening Cost Melbourne

Wondering how much Invisalign costs? The cost of Invisalign varies depending on the person, so the best way to determine Invisalign cost is to contact our team for a FREE Invisalign consultation appointment. To provide you with the most affordable Invisalign service, we also offer payment plans to ensure the accessibility of our services to our valued patients. To find out more about the exact treatment costs, duration and process, book in with our team for your complimentary appointment. You can also check out our 服务价格 和 付款计划 for more details on our payment options.


How long does Invisalign treatment take?

Invisalign Melbourne treatment can take 6 months – 3 years, depending on your case. During which time, we give you different plastic clear aligners to wear and change every two weeksl


You must remove the aligners when you eat and drink anything but water. This keeps your teeth and gums healthy. We also recommend you floss and brush every time you eat and rinse the aligners before putting them in for perfect oral hygiene.

How long do the aligners have to be in my mouth?

For perfect results you need to keep the Invisalign aligners on 22 hours per day, this means you only take them off when you eat and brush your teeth.

Does Invisalign hurt?

Any pressure or movement on your teeth may cause discomfort. However, this is usually experienced during the first day or two of a new Invisalign aligner. Any ongoing pain or discomfort should be raised with your dentist.

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