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Everyone deserves a healthy, gorgeous smile. That’s why we take special care with all our patients. We provide expert orthodontics, cosmetic and general dentistry. Visit our clinic in Melbourne CBD for your dental care needs.
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Melbourne Dentist Clinic

Passionate about Melbourne Dentistry
Our friendly team share the same passion for dentistry. And we're proud that our patients love our Melbourne dental clinic. We play soft music and each room is sunlit. So our patients feel comfortable during each appointment.

Are you a new patient needing a general dental check, teeth whitening, dental crowns or another dental treatment? We invite you to visit our chic clinic yourself! A general or cosmetic dentist is always ready help.

Melbourne's Best Dentist Technology

Gorgeous Smiles is leading Dentist Melbourne dentistry. We have state-of-the-art technology and high-quality dentists available. Many treatments require the use of specialised technology. And our dental practice has invested in the right tools. This makes dental treatments faster and more comfortable. It also allows each cosmetic dentist to provide high-quality teeth whitening solutions.
Melbourne Dentist Location Practitioner
We’re located in the heart of the city (Exhibition Street, Melbourne). So our dental clinic is easy to get to. In fact, we’re only a 4-minute walk from Parliament Station. That means we're close to Collins Street too. Whether it’s a dental health check-up or emergency, we’re close by. Just call us today to book an appointment or contact our clinic online.
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    Dentist Melbourne

    Our Services
    Melbourne Dentist Gorgeous Smiles offers industry-leading dental care. Our dentists in Melbourne are trained to provide many services. These options suit different patient ages and needs. They include::
    Cosmetic Dentistry
    Teeth Cleaning & Scaling
    Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening
    Porcelain Veneer
    Porcelain Crowns
    Fissure Sealants
    Tooth Extraction
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    Dentist Melbourne Gorgeous Smiles Most Rated Dental clinic in Melbourne. You can visit with confidence.

    Melbourne CBD Dentist

    Your smile is unique. And so are your dental requirements. Our Melbourne dentists take time in a dental check to examine your dental health. Answers how much pricing charge and billing. This ensures you get the best service possible. If you have pain, we’ll quickly find the cause.
    Whether you need teeth clean, dental implants, one root canal treatment, tooth extraction or gum disease services. Walk-in or Call us. Book your appointment online with a Melbourne dentist who can help today.

    Beyond General Dentistry

    Your dental health and smile are important to us. So our dental clinic provides a wide range of dental services. If you want to improve your smile, we offer a range of orthodontic and cosmetic solutions. This includes nearly everything from teeth whitening to braces aligners to straighten your teeth. Book your dental consultation on cosmetic dental. During an appointment, our dentists take each patient through their treatment options. That way you can find the best solutions for your smile goals in Melbourne CBD.
    Melbourne dental Invisalign


    Want to straighten your teeth without braces? Invisalign treatments use nearly invisible aligners to hold each tooth together. These quality alternative aligners are worn 22 hours a day to solve surface bite issue you might have. Call us today to book a dental check and Invisalign appointment.
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    Cosmetic Dentist in Melbourne
    Cosmetic Dentistry
    We’re experts in cosmetic dentistry in Melbourne CBD. From dental crowns to dental implants. Are you after a brighter smile? Dentist can offer teeth whitening solutions for new patients and old ones. Asked questions, what payment options? what dental services 
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    Melbourne's  Dentist
    Cosmetic dentistry Gorgeous Smiles cares about your dental treatment experience. From emergency dental health (e.g. gum disease) to braces and teeth whitening.
    We employ Melbourne’s best dentists at our dental clinic to serve our patients during their pregnancy.
    We will advise what dental treatment is required.
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    Dental Melbourne Gorgeous Smiles Dentists Provides
    Treatments with state of the art high-tech technology tools and equipment.
    What is dental health?
    Dental care helps keep your teeth strong and healthy. A caring staff can help prevent serious problems that come with cavities and other dental complications. You can get
    cleanings, X-rays, and other procedures done to keep your smile beautiful. At Gorgeous Smiles Dental Clinic in Melbourne, we will help to recontour your smile is as attractive as the rest of your body. Recontouring your look is our pride. Contact us to find out what dental services, what payment options and without upfront payment available.
    Cosmetic Dentistry
    Dentistry is all about improving your appearance through restorations and restorative technologies. The dentistry profession answers many cosmetic procedures to offer to the patient that ensure better oral health. Cosmetic dentistry offers immediate results with no waiting period between appointments. You can improve your bite and scrutinize your teeth like never before. You can trust us not to force you on expensive dental treatments as some other general dental practitioners do. If you are busy schedule check availability time for the weekend. For some of you might be convenient to go dentist at the weekend.
    Invisalign Invisible
    The Invisalign Originators were the first to market a complete system to change your teeth, no matter how bad your bite is. One of the most popular choices for those looking to get their teeth back in shape. With millions of people using this treatment, it's no surprise that it's developed a following among celebrities. And Invisalign braces are nearly invisible aligners. They are a great alternative to braces. 
    Dental Crowns
    Dental Crowns are implants (or replacing missing teeth) designed to stabilize and protect teeth at the gum line and root. In many cases, these fitted crowns provide the best alternative to orthodontia (bridal or permanent tooth removal). Orthodontia removes teeth at either an unsafe angle or in a less-than-ideal location (often causing teeth to push against the other teeth). How much dental crowns pricing depends on the condition of your tooth or teeth. For billing and what payment options available, don’t hesitate
    to contact us. We charge for dental treatment at very affordable and competitive pricing.
    Out of all the dental procedures, the use of metal braces is the most popular. As time went by, more patients began to experience problems related to their teeth aligners (straightening) and searching for an alternative, more natural way to straighten them became more popular as well.
    Dental Veneers
    They provide an aesthetic look and enhance your smile while protecting your teeth from decay. Porcelain veneers are typically used for individuals who have had their teeth removed because of disease or injury, as well as individuals who have had their teeth repaired following dental surgery. Dental veneers are removable and can be applied on
    the surface of your tooth by professional dentists, periodontics specialists, and other dental practitioners who are experienced with using porcelain veneers.
    Teeth Whitening
    Teeth whitening zoom is an interesting product for those who want to have a whiter smile. The Zoom system uses specialized equipment and a custom-designed whitening gel formula to give you the exact results you desire.
    Dental Implants
    Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth or an entire half-mouth of teeth and can support dentures. Dental Implants have become an extremely common choice among patients who may be needed to replace missing teeth because it is such a natural. Tooth extraction is one of them.

    The benefits of using implants are, that they don’t rely on neighbouring teeth for support. And they are permanent and stable. It is made of titanium and is similar in shape to a screw. The dental implant is placed in the jaw bone, after that it mends with the bone. The implant will be a part of you, and should not break. Implants are made from titanium and resemble screws
    Dental Bonding
    Dental bonding is an economical and conservative treatment that can be used to repair or change unattractive tooth imperfections. It is a simple procedure that will leave you with a smile you'll love. In as little as 1 visit, you can have a stronger, better-looking smile. Dental bonding is an ideal solution for those who need quick and effective dental treatment. 
    Don't let unsightly tooth decay spoil your sparkling good looks and self-esteem. Dental Bonding is a simple cosmetic procedure to transform your smile and make you look beautiful again.
    General Dentistry
    A clean tooth is an antibacterial and anaesthetic tooth. Our licensed dental hygienist carefully cleans your teeth, removing plaque to prevent cavities and periodontal disease.
    Regular visits can also prevent gum disease, relieve periodontal pain, whiten teeth, reduce sensitivity and improve your overall oral health. Walk in to make an appointment if you are nearby. 
    Root Canal Treatment
    What is it?
    The name might sound complicated, but root canal treatment is a fast, simple treatment that can save your natural teeth. Services to deal with dental problems when they occur.
    Our team of expert dentists will help you feel calm and comfortable during your root canal treatment. The purpose of root canal treatment is to remove the diseased pulp and infected tissues from inside of the tooth and then to seal the tooth. It may be necessary when a medical nerve in the centre of the tooth has become infected or dying.
    Tooth Extraction
    Teeth Removal is a dental service providing restorative dentistry and sensitive teeth solutions. We provide dental treatments for patients who have crooked or decayed teeth to make their mouths look younger again. We help them regain that healthy youthful appearance with treatment.
    From the initial consultation to the surgery and the post-surgery care, we make sure that you remain comfortable throughout your journey. Free dental care available for departments of Veteran cardholders. Children age between 2 to 17 with their families for bulk billing.
    The Smile Solution
    As a top-rated cosmetic dentist in Melbourne, Dr Minoo has seen thousands of smiles—and knows that expression has the power to shape our lives. Dr Minoo designed The Smile Solution, a revolutionary way to instantly reveal your smile's full potential by creating an attractive and confident smile, one she can deliver long-lasting results.
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    Health Funds Welcome by Dentist Melbourne
    General dental health is crucial in everyone's life. And so is being happy with your teeth. So we want each patient to have access to affordable dental treatments.
    That's why we've partnered with major health insurance providers. This helps our patients make the cost of a treatment convenient. And depending on your extras, the expensive treatment you need could be covered. From recontouring to teeth clean and braces. Our Melbourne (VIC) dentist clinic has partnered with:
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    Your Local Dentist in Melbourne
    Need an experienced dentists in Melbourne CBD?  All On 4 Dental Implants. Replacement of ALL teeth ON FOUR dental implants. We have an implant dentist, general dentist and more available. We even have an orthodontist Melbourne-based for your life-changing porcelain crown treatment. So your smile can reach its full potential with dentist Melbourne.
    We’re located in Melbourne CBD (on Exhibition Street, near Collins Street, Melbourne). So the best dentist Melbourne offers is always near. Whether you need a teeth clean, emergency dental, tooth whitening or general dental services.

    Get in touch with our friendly team today! Call us on our phone number (03) 9042 0483. Or book an appointment online.
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    We are proud to boast a dynamic team of professional general and cosmetic dentists at our Melbourne Central Business District clinic.
    2020 service award
    Read our customers reviews on Google, Facebook and Word of Mouth Online. Our after-hours service will help you with your questions on (03)9042 0483.