Meet The Team


Dr. Minoo Ghamari

Dr. Minoo is our principal dentist at Gorgeous Smiles Dentistry, she is famous among patients for being very sweet, caring and gentle. Patients love her attitude, her integrity and her patience.

Dr Minoo has a special interest in cosmetic dentistry and has been featured in Vogue Australia for her work.

Dr. Minoo can easily relax a nervous patient, she hears your dental and oral issues patiently and gives you different options, she lets you decide what treatment is best for you but helps you with her professional opinion.


Dr. May Balaei

Our practice manager, she is here every day bright and early to make sure patients are being looked after. She is the one who buys all the latest equipment for the dental surgery, makes sure all staff is professional, and their dental knowledge is up to date.

She also organises fun events for the team to get to know each other better and bond outside the work environment.


Dr. Sarah Kalani

Dr Sarah is the newest member of our team, She has years of experience working as a dentist in Australia and New Zealand have made her one the best dentists you can wish for in Melbourne Central Business District.



Our friendly dental nurse, she is studying at the moment and works at Gorgeous Smiles Dentistry couple of days per week. She greets you at the door and helps with the treatments. Saba is a friendly face which will make your day smiley and bubbly. She loves learning and meeting new friends, her attention to details is what makes her one of a kind.

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Angela is our energetic, bubbly, smiling staff manager who has been working in customer service for the past 12 years. She welcomes you with a big smile, helps you with admition and walks you through the procedures.

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