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Cosmetic Dentistry Melbourne

Cosmetic Dentistry Melbourne

Experience Melbourne Cosmetic Dentistry

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic Dentistry is dental treatment. Deals with the improvement of teeth health and gums. Procedures are crowns, coloured fillings, dental bonding, tooth whitening, cleanings.

 As well, fillings, cavities, oral cancer checks and much more. Works will be done in one or two visits to the dentist. The great team of Cosmetic dentistry Melbourne love to help you with friendly staff.

Changing a smile can change a life. So let Us Reinvent Your Smile.

Book Your Special Consultation Today at Cosmetic Dentistry Melbourne

Do you have crooked, stained or missing teeth?

Are you embarrassed by your smile?

Cosmetic dental care can help to remove stains and defects. Cosmetic dental care is an excellent way to bring your smile back to life. Call us at Cosmetic Dentistry Melbourne-Gorgeous Smiles Dental.

Do you want to have YOUR teeth whitened?

Gorgeous Smiles Melbourne - Cosmetic Dentistry Melbourne will show you the most advanced teeth whitening techniques. You must feel confident in your smile.

Do you have a gap between your teeth?

The first thing people notice is your smile. A cosmetic dentist can fix gaps between your teeth and help you restore your teeth to natural beauty.


Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry Melbourne is a unique dental clinic. Dr Minoo Ghamari provides a range of cosmetic dental treatments. We address most complex dental problems. Give you confidence with the smile you want. Our services go beyond the aesthetic. We look at your mouth overall.
Take into attention all factors. Check out our cosmetic dentistry Melbourne
 reviews on Google. Visit our clinic in the heart of Melbourne for a special consultation.

Affordable Payment Plans and Flexible Financing Options.

You are thinking about cosmetic dentistry but have budget constraints!
Is it difficult is it to finance a smile makeover!
We offer affordable dental services. You do not need to worry about the expenses.
We provide you affordable payment plans and flexible financing options.
You can pay for dental treatment without breaking the bank.
We make it easier for you to achieve your desired smile.
To make sure that you are in the hand of skilled professionals.
Prepare for a new, dazzling smile with us. We will give you Special consultation at Cosmetic Dentistry Melbourne - Gorgeous Smiles Dental.

Melbourne Cosmetic Dental Consultation

You want a gorgeous set of teeth but have no idea where to begin! Come to our Special cosmetic dental consultation. We will provide you with all the information you need to get that gorgeous smile.

No one feels good if they have teeth that look like they belong to someone else. So get in touch with Gorgeous Smiles today for a cosmetic dental consultation.
So we can provide you with an honest assessment of your dental health. But, you do not wait until it's too late! Book a special consultation today at Cosmetic Dentistry Melbourne - Gorgeous Smiles Dental.

Cosmetic Dental Makeovers Services

Melbourne Best Cosmetic Dentist Clinic

You’re not sure your teeth are OK for cosmetic dentistry!
Let us assess the best options for you and your smile.

We promise the ultimate level of care and service.
With the help of an experienced dentist, you can achieve the perfect result.

Dr Minoo uses the procedures and technology at Cosmetic Dentistry Melbourne. We will provide affordable, comfortable, and long-lasting results.
We will sit down and plan a treatment that can fix your smile.
Don’t wait until you’re self-conscious about your smile.
We can make a real change for you, and we can do it fast.

Experienced Cosmetic Dentists

Cosmetic dentist appointments are not like regular dentist appointments. First, you’ll get an experienced dentist. 

So you can walk out of the clinic with the smile you were searching for. Experienced cosmetic dentists work with you.

It Will help to ensure that you achieve your best possible smile.

Cosmetic dental treatment is the key to A Beautiful Smile & Confidence. 

Experience the look, smile and feel like a Hollywood star. We look forward to meeting you at Cosmetic Dentistry Melbourne.

Holistic Approach

You can't throw more money at a problem and hope it goes away. Instead, you need to focus on the root cause.
Our holistic approach to dental care gives you an option. That makes sense for your oral health.

Plaque and Tartar

Plaque or tartar buildup can cause gum disease and tooth decay if not removed.
Dental plaque and tartar are a fact of life we can't avoid for most people. But we can end the consequences.

Patients Health

Mouth and teeth health may seem like a lot of maintenance. However, we will deal with your teeth to maintain optimal health.
A healthy mouth creates healthy teeth, gums and the whole

Dental Implants

An expert dentist, specialised in oral implants, will guide you throughout the entire process.
You do not have to attend unnecessary visits or spend time at the clinic.
Take control of your smile with Gorgeous Smiles.

Smile Makeovers by Cosmetic Dentistry Melbourne

Dental cosmetic makeovers! It is the most effective way of improving your smile. Everyone dreams of a perfect smile and great looking teeth.
Unfortunately, most of us don’t always know where to begin. Please, check before and after photos of some of our recent patients at Cosmetic Dentistry Melbourne.

Cosmetic Dentistry Melbourne
Consultation by Cosmetic Dentistry Melbourne

As we get older, dental problems affect our looks and self-confidence. Cosmetic Dentistry smile solution is the best practice you can have.

Best Cosmetic Dentistry Melbourne Gorgeous Smiles can provide you with all the information you need.

Melbourne Best Cosmetic Dental Implants

Gorgeous Smiles Melbourne's Best Cosmetic Dentistry. We promise the ultimate level of care and service. Friendly atmosphere that takes the stress out of deciding on the treatment. 

Call us: Book now for Special Consultation at Cosmetic Dentistry Melbourne -  Smiles Dental.


How much do veneers cost in Melbourne?

Veneers cost starts from $1500 to $2500 depending on each case complexity.

Is veneer good for teeth?

Porcelain veneers are not only good, but they are also great! If you want to improve the appearance of your smile, porcelain veneers can help you have a smile you'll love.

What is the difference between cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry?

Both types of dentistry are essential and provide valuable services to patients. Cosmetic dentistry can work to improve the look of a smile. General dentistry can work to treat existing dental conditions.

Can you bite an apple with veneers?

We don’t recommend biting into apples with your veneers. They are more fragile than cosmetic dental bonding.

Can my dentist help me with dental anxiety?

Dental anxiety is a common reason for people to avoid the dentist.
At Gorgeous Smiles, we understand that dental anxiety can make it hard to maintain good oral hygiene.
We offer a range of cosmetic treatments to help you achieve a smile you are proud to show off – even if you do not think your teeth are perfect.

How can a smile makeover improve my smile?

A smile makeover can help improve your smile and your life. What if you could change your smile in just one appointment? What if you could have a smile that truly represents who you are? 

Getting a new smile does not mean living with old dental technology. Now, there is a revolutionary way to transform your smile without compromising comfort, convenience or results.

When should my child visit the dentist?

Children should visit the dentist before they lose their first tooth. You have probably heard that it is wise to prevent trouble before it starts.
The same applies to your child dental health. Regular dental visits will help your child avoid cavities, bad breath and oral diseases such as early childhood caries.

How is the price determined for cosmetic dental procedures?

Many things can determine the price of cosmetic dental procedures. It is good to understand each one to make the most informed decision possible.
The cost for any given procedure is determined by several factors. The complexity of the process, type of materials, your dentist reputation in the field and
if you have dental insurance and the type of insurance.

What are the possible side effects after whitening?

After teeth whitening with Zoom!™, teeth may become more sensitive (a toothache or tingling) for only a day or two. After that, it is normal and can be relieved by brushing with your regular toothpaste.
Many of our patients notice that their sensitivity decreases after the first few days after treatment.

The importance of regular dental visits how frequently should one get a dental checkup from the dentist?

A common question, how often should one get a dental checkup?
It's not an easy answer to give everyone is different. Oral health and prevention needs are very different as well.
One patient may need more frequent cleanings due to periodontal (gum) disease.
Another individual may be doing a great job brushing and flossing daily and have no signs of plaque build-up. So the frequency depends on oral health.

How does my dentist in Melbourne determine whether cosmetic dentistry is right for me?

Is cosmetic dentistry right or not for you? When considering cosmetic dentistry, there are several factors to consider, including a person's lifestyle and how they want to feel about themselves.

Need an experienced dentist in Melbourne CBD?

Dentistry is a part of your smile. So if you are looking for leading dental clinics in Melbourne that has helped people feel more confident with their smiles, then Gorgeous Smiles Dental Care can help. We have a team of highly skilled dentists who will help you improve your overall smile.

Cosmetic dentistry Gorgeous Smile offers professional treatment options. Such as teeth whiteningroot canal treatmentsgeneral dentistry and many others

Looking for the best cosmetic dentist in Melbourne for smile makeovers with dental veneers?

Suppose you look for the best cosmetic dentist in Melbourne for smile makeovers with dental veneers. In that case, you should consider the services of Dr Minoo and his team of dental specialists at Gorgeous Smiles, located in the heart of Melbourne CBD.

Are you considering cosmetic dental surgery or any other kind of cosmetic dentistry work?

Cosmetic dentistry has become a choice among people who want to improve the appearance of their smiles. Although there are many different types of cosmetic dental surgery and procedures available today. You must know what they are and how they can help you get the smile you have always wanted.

Cosmetic dental works are not only limited to surgery. Patients can opt for cosmetic dental surgery and other options such as teeth crowns, teeth veneers, whitening or even implants. While cosmetic dental surgery is the most invasive, it is also the most effective for those who want a complete transformation to their smile.

Teeth crowns are a less invasive alternative to tooth implants, a popular option for patients who need help with the appearance of their teeth. A common misconception about cosmetic dentistry work is that it will change your life, that it will suddenly make you feel confident and secure in yourself.
However, this cannot be further from the truth.
People who choose to have cosmetic dental surgery are already confident in themselves and their lives. They know who they are and how they fit into life.

No more gaps, misalignment or yellow teeth. Do you want a smile makeover?

Good things come to those who Smile. Need a smile makeover that will not break the bank? We are here for you. These are to improve the appearance, functionality and self-esteem of the patient.

A smile makeover combines treatments that include crown lengthening and reshaping, tooth whitening, veneers and bonding. These treatments change your teeth' size, shape, and position to give you a perfect smile.

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