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MySmile Plan

Medically reviewed by Dr Minoo Ghamari  / Apr 30, 2021  
Medically reviewed by Dr Minoo Ghamari  
Apr 30, 2021  
MySmile Plan

What is MySmile Plan?

MySmile Plan is a free dental savings plan for patients with private or commercial dental plans.
The dental Plan offers a range of benefits, including:
- Free memberships for employees of companies that subscribe to the program
- No waiting periods or eligibility requirements
- As long as you have a private or commercial dental plan in effect at any time during the calendar year.

You can join and participate in MySmile Plan. The Plan is based on the idea of one-on-one patient advocacy. The members are encouraged to thrive through dental wellness.

Membership cards are distributed to the members with their membership numbers printed. They can be used to access discounts at participating dentists offices. Members can use these cards at any time during their membership period.

Why mysmile dental payment plan?

Have you always thought of having those beautiful sets of Porcelain veneers! To have a gorgeous smile that will light up the whole room? Are you thinking of having your tooth removed because that Root Canal Treatment is too expensive?

Well, Worry no more; here comes MySmile Plan, a dental payment plan to save you so much trouble. You can put your dental treatment on a payment plan. It does not matter if it is your annual cleaning or your Cosmetic dental work like a Veneer payment plan or a dental crown.

Benefits of Signing Up with MySmile Plan for Dentist Patient

A dentist patient's oral health is a crucial part of overall wellness. A dental insurance plan for MySmile Plan can help with the cost of dental care. And make visits to the dentist more affordable.

The benefits of signing up for a dental insurance plan for MySmile Plan are as follows:

- Reduces or eliminates out-of-pocket costs for routine preventive care
- Provides discounted rates on specific procedures, implants, and dentures
- Provides a network of general dentists in your area with whom you can choose to visit.
- Coverage for braces, orthodontics, sealants, teeth whitening, and more.

My Smile Dentistry Plan Providers - My Smile Dental Plan Near Me

Gorgeous Smiles Dental, agent for most popular and affordable dental payment plans.
Also, we provide oral care insurances. For more information don't hesitate to contact us.

With MySmile dental payment:

No Interest

The best part is you will not pay interest with MySmile Plan. It is entirely Interest-free. 20% of the total amount you will put on the Plan is required on the set-up day. Get to know more about dental payment plans on the website.

Quick and Simple

After consulting with your dentist and accepting the Plan, the application is quick and easy. First, you need to provide your Australian Drivers Licence or passport and some contact details. Then, all it takes is a 2-minute credit check. It's not income-tested, so no payslips are required.

How much does smile cost!

You can put as much as $100 up to $9000 on a plan.
For example, if you are planning $100-$500, the program goes for 3 months; anything between $501-$2000 will be a 9 months plan, anything up to $9000 will go for 15 months.

You can even pay off the whole Plan early, with no extra fees! Check our dental payment plans in Melbourne.

Why Dental Patients Needs MySmile Plan?

MySmile Plan is a dental discount plan that offers a comprehensive dental plan for patients of all ages.
Dental care is one of the most important aspects of good health. Yet, many people find it challenging to get the treatment they need due to a lack of affordable coverage.

High deductibles or out-of-network providers. MySmile Plan has been designed to offer personalized care, savings and convenience for all patients.

New Patient Special with MySmile Plan

The MySmile Plan is a dental plan that provides dental coverage to uninsured, underinsured. Or looking for alternative dental coverage. The Plan offers complete coverage to patients.

Preventive and diagnostic services, including x-rays and cleanings. The Plan also provides comprehensive coverage for primary services like root canals or tooth extractions.


Author Minoo GhamariAuthor: Dr Minoo Ghamari

Gorgeous Smiles Dental Principal Dentist

**The content on this blog is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a qualified dentist in Melbourne with questions you may have regarding medical conditions. For News and update, please follow us on FaceBook.

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