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Dr Minoo Ghamari - Meet Dr Minoo Ghamari

Dr. Minoo Ghamari – about us

Dr. Minoo Ghamari completed Doctor of Dental Surgery in University of Debrecen Hungary with years of experience working in 3 different continent she is passionate about cosmetic dentistry as she says –

“I believe changing a smile can change your life”

She provides world-class results for all aspects of dentistry, particularly her areas of expertise Cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Minoo is easy going, patient and dedicated, so many of her patients enjoy the experience as she puts their mind in ease by being very gentle in her techniques.

We live in a very exciting time, where what you want shall be what you get! I advise all my patients of what their options can be and let them choose the path they prefer. Nowadays dentistry has come so far that treatments that would take months to be done are done in a single appointment, we know you all live a busy life and we try to accommodate for that.

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