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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment Melbourne

We believe that everyone deserves optimal oral health. And is free of toothache and pain. We believe that preventative treatment is essential in achieving this. However, this is not always possible. Therefore, we offer a range of special services.
Dedicated to dealing with dental problems when they occur. One of them is root canal treatment. When a toothache is intense and long-lasting, canal therapy may be required. An inflamed or infected nerve inside a decayed or diseased tooth is removed in this process.
Thereby removing the source of the pain. Treatment is designed to save the tooth. Stop pain increases, and prevent infection from spreading to other teeth.

Root Canal Treatment
What are the symptoms of root infection?

What Is A Root Canal Treatment?

Treatment is cleaning any infection that has spread to the roots. The canals and the nerves in your mouth.

It involves your dentist filling. The root canal treatment ensures that no further infection will occur in the channels. And that no more bacteria is left there to produce new conditions.

Symptoms that may require canal treatment include:

  • A continuous dull throbbing or pain.
  • Swelling along the gum line.
  • Difficulty in biting.
  • Excessive teeth sensitivity to hot, cold, and sweet beverages and food.
  • Too hot, cold, and sweet drinks and food.

These symptoms left untreated may result in increased pain and the creation of an abscess.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please contact Gorgeous Smiles directly.

You may require Root canal Melbourne treatment. Let our dentists save your tooth before it is too late.

Root Canal Treatment

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

There are numerous benefits to getting a root canal treatment. First, there is much less risk of tooth loss.

And the recovery time is shorter when compared to having to go through an extraction. Root canal treatment is a dental procedure. In which the diseased nerve and pulp tissue inside a tooth are removed.

The main benefit of getting the root canal treatment is preventing further infection. And protect your teeth from experiencing any more pain in the future.
Root canals also help avoid the need for a tooth to be extracted or a dental crown to be made.

If you think or wonder you need a root canal treatment, just give us a call. Our expert dentist will provide you proper advice if you need root canal treatment or not.

Stages of Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is when the diseased pulp inside the tooth is removed. The remaining canal system is cleaned and filled with a material called gutta-percha to prevent infection.

Root canal treatment procedure

The first stage of this procedure typically involves anaesthetic injections. It is given before the tooth is drilled not to cause pain.

Next, the root canals are cleaned one by one. Sometimes with an instrument called a root canal file or an ultrasonic device.  After cleaning, they are filled with gutta-percha filler to create a protective seal against bacteria.
Filling material may also fill in any gaps left by teeth. Those have been removed due to decay or injury.

How Long Does a Root Canal Take?

The most common form of this procedure is called endodontics.
And it can be done in one or two visits, depending on how much damage is present.
Root canals are used to remove decay from inside the tooth.
It helps prevent further infection from spreading to other parts of the body through the bloodstream.
The length of time required for a root canal depends on several factors, including
The severity of infection location. And the number of teeth being treated.
So there are three main factors to consider when choosing the treatment option for a tooth abscess.

Root Canal Treatment

What Are the Signs That You Need a Root Canal?

Treatment may be needed if you have experienced a toothache, bad breath, or pain when chewing. For most people, root canals are necessary but not worrisome.

Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure

Root Canal Treatment Cost Australia

The average cost of a root canal without a crown in Australia is between $2,000 and $3,400. This is according to the 2020 national dental price study.
A three-channel molar root canal can cost up to $2,760 without a crown and $4,760 with a crown in Australia.

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

Treatment procedure cleaning any infection that has spread to the roots, the canals, and the nerves in your mouth.
It involves your dentist filling the canals with a biocompatible material to ensure that no further infection will occur in the canals.
And that no more bacteria is left there to produce new infections.

What alternatives are there to Root Canal Treatment?

Once the infection reaches the nerve of the tooth, unfortunately, there are only two options: root canal treatment or extraction.
There is no alternative treatment, and medication can only stop the symptoms momentarily. And does not address the root of the problem, meaning the infection will continue to spread.

How much does Root Canal Treatment cost?

The average treatment cost can range from $1500 - $2000 or more depending on how complex the infection is.
Call Gorgeous Smiles to find out the most affordable price of root canal treatment.

What is the success rate of a Root Canal Treatment?

Dentist root canal treatment have an average success rate of 60%-75% in general. Unfortunately, this means a 25% chance the treatment fails.

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