Wisdom Teeth

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The Facts About Wisdom Teeth


 Tooth pain?

No one wants a toothache. What causes wisdom tooth pain? The wisdom tooth is developing in your mouth, and they are normally not painful. However, if you think your wisdom teeth are ready to come through, you can start to feel the teeth coming through your gums.
Some people say their wisdom teeth feel as if they are coming through, but they aren't fully through yet. Your dentist will schedule a time to take impressions of your teeth, so they can be prepared for the teeth.

We cringe at the thought of the pain related to those teeth. I mean really, what’s so wise about teeth who only provide unconditional pain! Let’s talk specifics and talk about wisdom teeth in more detail.

First things first, what are wisdom teeth? Most adults have four wisdom teeth which are the third and last molars which are located at the back of your mouth on each side and found both on the upper and lower side of the jaw.

These little bad boys are the last of your adult teeth to grow. Some people are extremely lucky and have no wisdom teeth development at all! They tend to grow between your late teens and early twenties but can vary.
Wisdoms usually grow without any problems unless they have insufficient space for them to grow properly and become impacted. Now why are they called wisdom teeth? Well it’s because they grow at a time when you are supposedly wiser and no longer a child! This was a term created in the 1600’s.

Why do we have Wisdom teeth?

wisdom teeth

One of the most common questions we get asked in the clinic is why do we even have wisdom teeth? Many many years ago, our ancestors ate foods that were a lot harder and tougher than what we are use to in the modern day.
They needed these teeth to be able to support their diets. Fast forward to today where humans now are more use to a softer diet, these teeth have sort of become obsolete.

Erupted wisdom tooth

One thing we’re really familiar with (unfortunately) is the discomfort and the pain that comes with wisdom teeth such as erupting. Wisdom teeth can hurt for a few reasons. Sometimes there is not enough room for the teeth to grow causing them to push on your existing teeth. Eruption will cause dental issues for millennia.

  Infected wisdom teeth

You may not have dental abscess, considered getting wisdom teeth due to being removed.
Here’s how wisdom teeth removal (also known as a “wisdom tooth extraction”) works. There are two types of wisdom teeth—incisors and molars in each dental quadrant, wisdom tooth protrudes outwards from gum line.
And both of these are removed if they are still present when the first molars start to erupt. If your wisdom teeth still haven’t erupted by the time your molars do, then either of the two types of wisdom teeth will be removed by dental surgeon.

  Healthy wisdom teeth

Wisdom are teeth that are fully grown and in the maxilla (upper jaw) and jaw (lower jaw).


They can also hurt if the tooth is growing sideways and hence the gum can become swollen and infected. Wisdom teeth growing through can cause discomfort for a couple of weeks, but it really varies between each person and because they grow at different times, you get to experience this pain a couple of times (lucky us!) There are some great products for discomfort available such as bonjela gel and ibuprofen. Anything with sever discomfort is highly recommended to see your dental professional and discuss appropriate treatment.

  Other Dental Complications

These teeth erupt in early 20s or the late teens. Some people experience discomfort around this time. Some other people have no problem with it.

The wisdom teeth (also known as the third molars or third molars) are the last teeth to develop (last teeth in the dental arch). Therefore, they’re the final teeth to erupt through your gums. The wisdom teeth are also the final teeth to erupt.

  Other Dental Problems

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to develop in the mouth, and that means they are likely to cause problems for months to come.
Frequent cavities, infections, and gum disease. At the back of the mouth are some dental issues that can come from having wisdom teeth.

  Dental Restoration

Wisdom tooth is the first molars to come in after the last molars have fallen out. If you still have them, your dentist will probably remove your wisdom tooth.

  Dental Notation

Dental notation is the process of doing a dental measurement. Using the metric system. Sadly, most people are not familiar with this system.
It is a practical and helpful thing for the patient and the dentist.

  Wisdom Tooth Surgery 

One of the most common procedures performed by a dentist is called “tooth extraction” or wisdom teeth removal surgery.
The purpose of wisdom tooth extraction is to remove the tooth to prevent infection and other serious conditions.
The most common tooth extraction involves using pain relievers. To flush the infection from the tooth, after which the tooth is removed.
The extracted tooth is removed and stored in a container of preservative.

  Dental Caries

Dental caries, also known as caries or tooth decay. The most common form of dental disease in children. It is a breakdown of the tooth's surface due to the stack of acids in the oral cavity.
Kids usually get it as a result of eating sugary or acidic foods, such as soda, French fries, candy, and fruit juices.

 Wisdom Teeth Removal - To extract or to leave in?

That’s the most important question. The only person who can really answer this is your dentist. Some people have enough room in the jaws to be able to accommodate the teeth of wisdom and those people who don’t should have them taken out (wisdom tooth extraction) as they will impact the adjacent teeth and cause you all sorts of problems.

 Wisdom Tooth Removal Surgery

Remember you don’t have to take all four out. An OPG dental x - rays will show your dentist which ones might be growing side ways and which ones will cause you problems. Your dentist will also tell you if they can be taken out in chair or if a hospital visit is best. Some teeth are a little more complexed than others which means for your comfort, it may be best to go to the hospital and have a general anaesthetic. If your dentist says they can extract the tooth either in chair under local numbing or in a hospital then it comes down to personal preference. Wisdom tooth removal surgery is one of the common dental surgeries.

  Recovery advices

You’re one brave trooper and have had your wisdoms taken out, now what? Recovery time can be uncomfortable for the first couple of days as the teeth are quite large and are deep so they usually require stitches. It’s normal to notice swelling and a bit of blood too. Your dentist will provide pain relief that will help ease this and also provide you with a post care treatment plan that you must follow to allow for a smooth recovery. A soft diet is also recommended for the first couple of days. The mouth is the fastest healing body part, so recovery should be relatively quick when compared to the procedure.

Taking care of your oral hygiene will prevent wisdom tooth pathologies and going to the dentist more than you should. And the saving on your budget cost in the long run. Brushing - Rinse and Dental Floss at least twice a day must be an everyday practice. Regular dental visits will save you a lot of pain and money. Keep your six month dental appointments for check-up and cleaning.


If you’re concerned about your wisdom teeth removal or are experiencing any pain or discomfort, please go see your dentist as they can discuss what your options are. Or contact perfect teeth dental office.

We hope we’ve provided you more wisdom on the wisdom tooth.

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