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How Much Do Crowns Cost In Melbourne?

Need a dental crown?

A dental crown is a big decision - it can be expensive and time-consuming to get one fitted. But not with us!

At Gorgeous Smiles Dentistry, we offer high-quality same-day dental crowns that are affordable and will give you the best results. We use the latest techniques and technology so you can have a comfortable experience.

How much do tooth crowns cost in Melbourne?

The cost of a dental crown in Melbourne can vary depending on the type of crown, the material used, and the dentist you see and it can cost you anywhere between $1,850 to $2,500.

However, the actual price will vary depending on your unique situation, the number of teeth you're getting dental crowns for, and a variety of other factors.

At Gorgeous Smiles Dentistry, we offer a payment plan option to make dental care more affordable for our patients.

To book a consultation, please call us at (03) 9042 0483 or schedule an appointment online.


What affects the price of dental crowns?

The price of dental crowns can be affected by a number of factors, including:

  1. The type of crown you need
  2. The material used for the crown
  3. The dentist you see
  4. The location of the tooth
  5. The number of teeth you're getting dental crowns for
  6. Your insurance coverage

We are passionate about providing our patients with high-quality, affordable dental care. So we offer same-day dental crowns starting at $1,850. We have other options such as Onlay and Provisional Crowns but it's best to consult with our dentist to see what's best for you.

To book a consultation, please call us at (03) 9042 0483 or schedule an appointment online.


Dental Crowns Payment Plans

Dental Crown

  • Porcelain Dental Crown: $1,850 per tooth - Estimate
  • Onlay: $1,850 per tooth - Estimate
  • Provisional Crowns: $200 - $600 - Estimate

There are a variety of ways to pay for your smile makeover. Some ways you can pay for your treatment include:

  1. Paying in full (often at a discount)
  2. To spread out the expense of the dental crown procedure, consider taking advantage of a payment plan.

Interest-Free Dental Payment Plans

We at Gorgeous Smiles Dentistry want to make sure that you obtain high-quality cosmetic dental crowns at a reasonable cost. We provide 0% interest-free payment plans so you may pay for your treatment over time without taking up any more of your money.

  • Interest-free – 0% interest – No interest EVER
  • Available for treatment plan up to $15,000
  • Manageable weekly or fortnightly payments (your choice)
  • Payments spread over 1-24 months
  • The simple application process at the practice
  • Easily manage on the app
  • Low establishment fee

We guarantee that you'll be completely satisfied with every one of our services. You can be confident that you've found the greatest solution for your smile because we offer complete customer satisfaction on all of them.

We are looking forward to assisting you in achieving the gorgeous, healthy smile that you desire!


Application Process

AfterPay, Zipmoney and humm application processes are simple and quick once one of our qualified dentists accepts a dental treatment payment plan after seeing you for a consultation.

All you have to do is provide:

  • Photo ID: Australian Driver’s Licence or other government photo ID showing address
  • Credit card: MasterCard, Visa Debit, or Credit Card
  • Contact details: a contact phone number and an email address

After getting your contact information, our friendly staff will go through a quick, 2-minute credit check. And don't worry, it isn't income-tested, so pay slips aren't necessary. However, you must first make a 20% payment and then pay the remaining dental costs up to 24 months after you are accepted. Processing fees may apply. Terms and Conditions apply

So, what do you have to lose? Get started on your trip to a gorgeous smile right away!

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