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By Dr. Minoo Ghamari

Are you unhappy with the way your teeth look?

Gorgeous Smiles Dentistry can help! We offer affordable metal braces, the most traditional and quiet successful teeth straightening option!

With perfectly aligned teeth, you could feel more confident when smiling. You’ll also find that it’s easier to keep your teeth clean and healthy when they’re straight. Schedule an appointment today to see how we can help you and your future smile.

View this video of our Principal Dentist, Dr Minoo Ghamari,
to discover the three most effective ways to straighten your teeth.
In addition, 
orthodontic can eliminate pain and stress of jaw joints.

How do metal braces work?

Metal braces are the most common type among all orthodontic treatments and for good reason. They are strong and durable and can be used to correct a wide range of dental problems. But how do they work?
The brackets that are bonded to your teeth are made of metal, and they are connected by a thin wire. The wire is attached to the brackets using tiny rubber bands, or ligatures. As you can see, the wire puts pressure on the brackets, which in turn moves your teeth into the correct position.

This process is gradual, but over time you will start to see a noticeable difference in the alignment of your teeth. Our Dentist will adjust the wire periodically to continue the process of moving your teeth until they are in their proper position. Then, once your treatment is complete, you will need to wear a retainer to keep your teeth from moving back to their original location.

So that's how metal braces work! If you're thinking about getting braces, be sure to talk to our Dentists to see if they're right for you.

Benefits of traditional metal braces

Traditional metal braces are still one of the most effective ways to achieve a gorgeous smile. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect from traditional metal braces:

1. Affordable

While there are a variety of braces available on the market today, metal braces are still one of the most affordable options. And while they may not be as discreet as some of the other types of braces, they are still an excellent choice for those looking for a cost-effective way to achieve a straighter smile. In addition, thanks to advances in technology, metal braces are now more comfortable than ever before. 

2. Durable

Metal braces are a popular choice for Orthodontic treatment options because they are very durable and can last for many years. But durability isn't the only reason to choose metal braces. Metal braces are also less likely to break or stain than other types of braces. And, because they're made of metal, they're more resistant to heat and cold than other materials. which means they're more comfortable to wear in both hot and cold weather.

3. Effective

There's no doubt about it, metal braces are highly effective at correcting teeth alignment issues - mild or severe cases. But that's not all they can do. With today's technology, braces can be used to correct a wide variety of dental problems, including overcrowding, gaps, and even bite disorders. And while they may take some getting used to, the results are definitely a big improvement.

4. Versatile

Another advantage of metal braces is that they may be worn by both children and adults. According to Orthodontics Australia, almost two-thirds of Australians (62%) would want to take action to correct their crooked smiles.

So whether you're a teenager just starting to experience problems with your teeth or an adult who's ready to finally get that perfect smile, metal braces may be the right choice for you.

5. Continuous dental care

Metal braces provide you with the opportunity to have continuous dental care. During your treatment, you will need to see your orthodontist or general dentist every few weeks for an adjustment. This gives you the chance to get professional dental hygiene and have any cavities filled. Keep in mind any cavities or dental infections have to be dealth with before commencing orthodontic treatment, we would not want to move unhealthy teeth and spread the potential infections.

If you're looking for an affordable, effective, and durable way to achieve a gorgeous smile, metal braces may be the right choice for you! Talk to our Dentists today to find out if they're right for you.

Affordable Metal Braces Clinic Melbourne

Misaligned teeth can cause a slew of problems, from cosmetic issues to serious bite and chewing problems.

If you're one of the millions of people who suffer from misaligned teeth, then you know how much it can affect your life. Not only do misaligned teeth not look as nice, but they also can lead to pain in the jaw, difficulty chewing, and even tooth decay and loss.

At Gorgeous Smiles Dentistry, we offer metal braces as a safe, affordable, and effective way to straighten your teeth. With our modern technology and personalised orthodontic treatment plans, we can help you achieve the beautiful smile you've always wanted.

If you're ready to take the first step towards a straighter, healthier smile by getting metal braces in Melbourne, contact us today to schedule a consultation. We look forward to helping you achieve the smile of your dreams! But Keep in mind results can vary from person to person a thorough dental examination is needed to determine what treatment is best for you and if applied we recommend getting a second opinion from an australian qualified health professional to ensure you are on the right pat.

Metal Braces Alternatives

Invisalign Braces

Do you want to straighten your teeth without anyone knowing?

Invisalign is the nearly invisible way to straighten your teeth and can help you achieve straighter teeth. Do you want to straighten your teeth without anyone knowing?
Invisalign uses a series of clear, removable aligners that are virtually invisible. And unlike metal braces, you can eat and drink what you want during treatment by simply removing the aligners.

In addition, brushing and flossing are no problem. You can also remove the aligners to attend special occasions. The best part is that no one can tell you’re undergoing teeth straightening.
More about Invisalign

Ceramic Braces

If you're looking for an alternative to Invisalign, ceramic braces, also known as clear braces, might be the right choice for you. Ceramic braces are made of clear ceramic, making them less visible than metal braces.
In addition, ceramic braces are very comfortable to wear and like regular braces, clear brackets are attached to the teeth with wire. The wire is then tightened over time, gradually straightening the teeth to their desired position.
More about Ceramic braces

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are similar to metal braces, but the brackets are attached to the back of your teeth rather than the front. This makes them virtually undetectable and allows you to chew with confidence.
Lingual Braces
Lingual braces are also very effective at correcting teeth alignment issues. In addition, they are more comfortable to wear than traditional metal. Although it takes some time to adjust to lingual braces, especially if you have a sensitive mouth or teeth, some individuals find them more pleasant than traditional dental braces due to the fact that the brackets are concealed. Do keep in mind lingual braces are not suitable for everyone and a thorough examination is needed to determine if that is the suitable choice for you or not, also they are usually more costy than regular metal braces.
More about Lingual braces

Meet Our Melbourne Orthodontics Team

At Gorgeous Smiles Dentistry, we are committed to delivering the highest level of service we can.

Current Metal Braces Specials & Payment Plans

At Gorgeous Smiles Dentistry, we want to make sure that you have the best possible experience with affordable dental care. That's why we offer a variety of payment plans and specials on our services.

Our metal braces cost starts at just $5,000, and we offer 0% interest-free payment plans so that you can spread the cost over time.

Interest-Free Dental Payment Plans

  • Interest-free – 0% interest – No interest EVER
  • Available for treatment plan up to $30000
  • Manageable weekly or fortnightly payments (your choice)
  • Payments spread over 1-24 months
  • The simple application process at the practice
  • Easily manage on the app
  • Low establishment fee
Contact us today to learn more about our current specials and payment plans. We look forward to helping you achieve the gorgeous, healthy smile that you deserve.

Application Process

All you have to do is provide:

  • Photo ID: Australian Driver’s Licence or other government photo ID showing address
  • Credit card: MasterCard, Visa Debit, or Credit Card
  • Contact details: a contact phone number and an email address

With this information, the friendly team at Gorgeous Smiles will enter your details, and a quick, 2-minute credit check will be performed. It is not income tested, so no payslips are required. When approved, you only have to pay a 20% deposit before treatment commences, with the remaining dental fees evenly spread over up to 24 months. Processing fees apply. T&C apply.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started on your Smile journey today.



Are metal braces better?
While there are a variety of braces available on the market, metal braces are still considered to be the most effective type of braces. They are also the most affordable type of braces, which makes them a great option for orthodontic patients who are looking to save money.
Do metal braces hurt?
It's common to wonder whether metal braces will hurt when they're applied to your teeth. The good news is that the application process itself is gentle and shouldn't cause any pain. Once they're fitted, you may feel a slight discomfort as your teeth adjust to the new hardware. This is perfectly normal and should fade within a few days or weeks.

In the meantime, there are a few things you can do to help ease any discomfort you may be feeling. Be sure to brush and floss regularly to keep your teeth and gums healthy, and avoid hard or chewy foods that could damage your braces.
What do traditional braces fix?
Traditional braces are often used to correct a wide variety of dental problems. They can be used to close spaces between teeth, and alignment issues and help improve the overall bite. In some cases, they may also be used to help with jaw growth.

While wearing braces does require some extra care when it comes to cleaning, they are usually very effective in correcting dental problems. As a result, many people choose traditional braces in order to achieve a straighter, healthier smile.
How long do metal braces take?
The average time someone wears braces is between 12 and 30 months, though this varies from person to person depending on the individual's orthodontic needs. Some people may only need to wear braces for a few months, while others may need to wear them for two years or more.

The length of time someone wears braces also depends on the severity of their dental problems. For example, someone with only a small overbite might only need to wear braces for 12 months, while someone with a more severe overbite might need to wear them for 24 months or longer.

No matter what your specific situation is, your orthodontist will be able to give you a more accurate estimate of how long you'll need to wear braces once they've had a chance to examine your teeth.
Are traditional braces faster than Invisalign?
Invisalign tends to be the faster option for most people. With traditional braces, metal brackets and wires are bonded to your teeth and then tightened over time. This process can take 18 months or longer.

With Invisalign, however, you will receive a series of custom-made aligners that you will need to wear for 20 to 22 hours a day. Each aligner is worn for about two weeks before being replaced with the next in the series.

On average, treatment takes about 12 months, although this can vary depending on the individual. So, if you're looking for a faster option, Invisalign may be the best choice for you.
Are traditional braces better than aligners?
Traditional braces are metal brackets that are attached to the teeth with wire. They are generally more affordable than aligners, but they can also be more visible and uncomfortable.

On other hand, aligners are clear plastic trays that fit over the teeth. They are less visible than braces, but they can be more expensive. However, many people find them to be more comfortable than braces.

So, which option is right for you? Ultimately, the best choice depends on your individual needs and preferences. If you want a more affordable option that is still fairly effective, traditional braces may be the way to go. However, if you are looking for a more comfortable and discreet option, aligners may be the better choice.
Which kind of braces is best?
There are a lot of different options when it comes to braces - so how do you know which kind is best for you? The answer is - it depends!

Everyone's teeth are unique, so what works for your friend might not be the best option for you. The best way to figure out which treatment option is right for you is to consult with an orthodontist in Melbourne.

They'll be able to take a look at your teeth and figure out which kind of braces will work best to correct your specific alignment issues. So don't wait - book an appointment today and get started on the road to a straighter smile!

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