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Digital Dentistry at Gorgeous Smiles

Medically reviewed by Dr Minoo Ghamari  / May 13, 2021 / No Comment 

Gorgeous Smiles Provides Faster, More Comfortable Treatment for her Patients with Digital Dentistry

Digital Dentistry At Gorgeous Smiles —we are now making treatment faster and more comfortable for her patients with intraoral scanning and digital dentistry.

Digital dentistry for dentist

Instantly here are many insights and knowledge of dentistry you can gain with the help of a dentist. But most of these insights and expertise are not readily available to the people who need them most. But now, with the use of technology, things have changed.
Have you ever thought about putting your whole mouth on your smartphone while you're eating your lunch? Or send your dentist a photo of a cavity you want filling instead of going into the office? These are now possible with digital dental, and it's easy to see why.

What is digital dentistry? 

digital dentistry

Why digital dentistry!

Digital dental incorporates digital technologies to provide dental care. This includes imaging, diagnosis, and treatment of dental problems.

As the name suggests, digital dental uses modern technologies for dental care. It includes imaging, diagnosis and treatment of dental problems. The use of digital technology has revolutionised the way dentists diagnose and treat problems.

Digital Dentistry Melbourne

How does digital dentistry work? Have you been told you need a dental crown on one of your teeth? Have you been considering Ceramic Veneers for beautiful cosmetic smiles?

And you are worried about the procedure and the cost? At Gorgeous Smiles, we have a solution to your concerns! Gorgeous Smiles has added the industry's most accurate* intraoral scanner. TRIOS® by 3Shape, to power her digital dental practice.

Intraoral scanners, like TRIOS®, are used in digital dental. First, to take super high-speed images of patients' mouths. The ideas are called digital impressions. Then brought into digital dentistry CAD/CAM software software to design.

And manufacture dental restorations, like dentures, crowns, veneers, dental implants, plan orthodontic treatments. And create orthodontic appliances.

Advantages of Digital Dentistry

Digital dental has benefits that are not available to traditional dentistry. Digital dental provides immediate information. Instant diagnosis and treatment planning.

In addition, digital dentists can monitor their patient's oral hygiene habits. And even create unique treatments for them. That will work best for their teeth based on past records.

The digital revolution is changing the way dental care is provided. As a result, patients increasingly take control of their oral health by regularly visiting the dentist.

Digital X-Ray - Digital Dentistry Near Me

A dentist can see into a patient's mouth just as quickly as a surgeon can peer inside the human body.
It's called digital x-ray, a type of high-tech imaging. That helps dentists diagnose problems and plan procedures for teeth, gums, and jawbones.

The camera behind each patient's mouth takes pictures of the patient's teeth. And the images are instantly and wirelessly transmitted to a computer for processing.

Then, they're played back in 3D—just like a video game. Except on a computer monitor—so the dentist can "scan" the patient's mouth.

Digital dental workflows speed up patient appointments. Save production time. And enhance nearly all diagnostic, therapeutic, and surgical procedures. For example, dental practices that once took weeks are now done in a single appointment.

One significant change patients will notice right away is not taking complete-arch impressions. The old way using silicone putty – a procedure known to strike fear in many patients.

A study published by the American Dental Association. Old-fashion impressions taken with putty caused Gagging in 8% of the participants. ** Gorgeous Smiles is now using TRIOS®, which means no more gooey impressions and no more gagging for her patients.

Digital impressions are more comfortable for the patient with digital dental. In addition, the accuracy of digital impressions makes the resulting restorations more precise. The precision cuts down on the need to make remakes of the repair.

And importantly, because it's digital, there are no more plaster models to throw out with digital dentistry.

*ADA Study: Evaluation of the Accuracy of Six Intraoral Scanning Devices: An in-vitro Investigation

Digital Technology in Implant Dentistry

In the case of one or two contiguous dental implants, digital imprints of the implants may be a viable alternative.
More research is needed to evaluate the accuracy of digital procedures in full-arch implant-supported restorations.

*ADA (Australian Dental Association) Study about digital technology in dentistry

1- www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24789238 about digital dentistry.

2- http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25864771 about different topic of with digital dentistry.



Author Minoo GhamariAuthor: Dr Minoo Ghamari

Gorgeous Smiles Dental Principal Dentist

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