How Often Should I go to the Dentist?

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The short answer to this question is it depends. There are many variables that influence a person’s oral health. Therefore, everyone has different requirements in terms of visiting their dentist. It is generally accepted the knowledge that people should have a dental check-up every six months. However, some people need more frequent visits to Dentist Melbourne CBD, while others can get away with a visit every year. Children: Children fall into a group of people needing more frequent visits. This is because they are in the process of growing their permanent teeth. Thus, they need regular check-ups to ensure these […]

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Dental injections and what to expect

Dental injections

How Numbing Agents Works Dental Injections : One regrettable but necessary part of going to the dentist. Some procedures like extractions or even dental fillings will require you to get a needle. This is why dentists sometimes will give what is called anaesthetic, used to numb your teeth. Numbing agents might come in the form of a paste they put on your gums or they might even give you a needle. Numbing gel works to numb the tooth and surrounding area.It helps so you won’t feel any pain during the procedure which allow dentists to get the job done swiftly. […]

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Does Sugar-free mean cavity-free

Tooth cavity

So is Sugar-free good for teeth? Every time we go to the dentist, we hear that we need to cut down on sugar as it is main cause of tooth cavity, so why not substitute that coke for a coke zero? Sounds like an easy solution, but unfortunately like most things it’s not that easy. Yes, artificial sugars will not be feeding the bacteria in your mouth, so in that sense it can’t decay the enamel (outer surface of your teeth) as quickly. Read about preventing tooth cavities here. However, there is a dark side to these artificial sweeteners and […]

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Detox OR tooth loss

Lemon detox or tooth loss

Lemon and water in the morning? Whether you are scrolling through Instagram or talking to one of your health conscious friends; by now you have definitely heard the trend of drinking water with lemon to detox. While this combo does have its benefits on our health; could it be destroying our smiles in the process? Could it be causing tooth loss? A lot of you may be thinking, lemons don’t contain much sugar! so why would drinking lemon infused water destroy our teeth? Lemons may be low on sugar but they are very acidic as they have a very low pH. […]

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How chewing gum can benefit your teeth

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GUM CHEWERS REJOICE If you love chewing gums then we have good news for you, chewing gum can have some unexpectedly beneficial effects on your teeth! Important disclaimer: this only applies to SUGAR-FREE gum. Gum with sugar may have the effect of promoting cavities, and is bad for your oral health. Does sugar-free always mean cavity free? read all about effects of sugar free food and beverages here.  How does this work? Sugar-free gum can have the effect of promoting saliva flow, which helps flush out tartar, food particles, and protects against cavities. As well, chewing gum helps clear food […]

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brushing with charcoal

Brushing your teeth with Charcoal powders and pastes are the new hot trend! Showing up everywhere from instagram, facebook, and word of mouth. Before and after pictures promise pearly whites after just one use, which might make it enticing to give it a try. But just before you decide to pick up a tube for yourself, it might be smart to get a professional opinion on what dentists have to say on this topic, why is that we go through the trouble of office teeth whitening instead of just recommending the toothpaste? How does it work? Charcoal toothpastes work by […]

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Teeth Whitening – What Are The Costs?

teeth whitening costs

Teeth whitening and the costs associated is a frequently asked question, however, as there are many whitening products available in the market prices tend to vary. Dental bleaching ranges from retail kits to professional cosmetic dentistry procedures. Therefore, there are two factors that need to be considered to understand the price of each whitening treatment:   1)    Time of the procedure: How fast you will achieve a whiter smile will impact the price that you are going to pay. The reason behind this is because the procedures that can whiten your teeth in fewer hours, use the latest and most […]

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Gap Free Dental at Gorgeous Smiles Melbourne

gap free dental

The importance of preventive services A healthy diet and a good dental hygiene routine are excellent ways to maintain good oral health. However, to ensure you don’t develop any dental problems it is important you make time to visit your dentist on a regular basis. By visiting your dentist, an expert can look after your oral health much more comprehensively. With their professional experience as well as modern technology and tools available, a dentist can easily identify any potential concerns. However, the real problem in Australia is that many people do not like to schedule regular dentist appointments. One of […]

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Dental Crowns – How to Restore Your Damaged Teeth

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  What are Dental Crowns? Dental crowns are a type of dental restoration used to improve the strength, function, and appearance of a tooth. To do so, a tooth-shaped cap, also known as a crown, is simply cemented onto a damaged tooth to cover and prevent further damage. Crowns are often needed when a severe cavity threatens the health of a tooth. However, crowns can also be used to cosmetically enhance and augment teeth by improving their shape, colour and alignment. Other reasons a dentist may recommend crowns are: 1) To replace a large filling when there is not enough […]

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The Best Teeth Whitening Technology