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Your child’s health is always an important concern of parents, and having healthy teeth is necessary for your child’s well-being. It is important to pay attention to the baby teeth of your child and take care of their permanent teeth for them to have a long healthy journey as they grow up.

However, no matter how much you hassle your children to brush, small dental problems can still occur. Fissure sealants can be used to cover and protect any pits or grooves in your child’s teeth to ensure they have the best oral health, throughout their childhood and adult life.

Fissure Sealants
Fissure Sealant

The Risk of Tooth Decay for Children

It is a surprising fact that about 40 per cent of children get dental cavities by the time they turn six. There are many factors causing this problem such as inappropriate oral hygiene habits, sweet snacks and genetics.

We know those baby teeth are very important in the formation of your child’s skeleton and they are the ones on top of adult teeth that will come out later in life, so we need to make sure their baby teeth are kept healthy.

On the other hand, the health of the permanent or adult teeth is more essential than baby teeth as adult teeth are the ones we live with for the rest of our life. One solution is choosing dental sealants for the permanent molars to lower the chance of getting tooth decay.

Protect the Whole Tooth with Dental Fissure Sealants

Generally, all the molars have grooves and curves between their peaks, and due to them being narrow, it can be hard to clean these spots properly. If the grooves are not cleaned properly, food is retained in them and will cause cavities. These fissures or grooves are the main parts of the tooth used for chewing, so there is a higher chance that food gets stuck there.

You don’t need to worry about this if these grooves are sealed. Dental sealant materials are strong enough to save your teeth. Sealing material acts as a mask to stop bacteria and pieces of food in those deep parts of the tooth. Dental Sealant does not replace the brushingflossing, or Dental Scaling processes, but it improves the strength of the tooth to resist getting decay from food bacteria.

The best time for dental sealant treatment is when your child reaches the sixth year of their life and right after the first adult molars come up. It is better for the teeth to get this treatment as soon as possible before those cavity-causing bacteria begin to reside on the deep grooves of the tooth.

fissure sealants

An Easy Fissure Sealants Treatment

One of the features of dental sealants which make them even more popular is how easy, fast, and painless they are. The procedure includes the brushing and cleaning the teeth, blowing dry with air, coating the deep grooves of the molars with clear Fluoridated plastic material, and finally hardening it with LED light.

Another advantage of the sealants is the long period of five to fifteen years that they last for. Moreover, the material is either white or clear, so in terms of beauty, there is no effect. It takes just a few minutes for the health professional to apply them on your child’s teeth, there is no need for injection and drilling, and it does not dissolve with saliva.

Sealants are Just a Part of the Treatment

It is good to have done the sealants as a step toward having healthy teeth, but it is essential to teach your child to have an efficient daily brushing and flossing routine. Also, a healthy diet which includes less sweet snacks, sodas and artificial fruit juices leads to a lower chance of getting tooth decay.

Another great tip is drinking tap water which includes fluoride and is good for healing and repairing the damaged teeth. Plus, regular dental appointments to check your children’s teeth enables us to make sure they have healthy teeth for the rest of their lives.

Here at Gorgeous Smiles, we are committed to protecting your child’s sweet smile!

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