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    What are Melbourne dental implants?

    Dental implant (aka endosseous implant or fixture) is an artificial replacement for the root of a tooth. The benefit of using implants is, that they don’t rely on neighbouring teeth for support. And they are permanent and stable. It is made of titanium and is similar in shape to screw.
    The implant is surgically placed in your jaw bone, and they make a bond with your natural bone. After that, a dental crown is attached to the top of the implant to replace the missing tooth. It will match your natural teeth seamlessly.

    How is an dental implant fitted?

    A dentist or periodontist will conduct a thorough examination of your mouth. Taking any necessary X-rays or 3D images. And discuss the various implant options and develop a plan for your implant surgery. Examination is needed to ensure your bone structure is healthy, and appropriate for dental teeth implants.
    If you have diseased or missing bone, a bone graft can be utilised to make the option of a dental implant viable.

    Once the preparation is complete, our experienced dentists will surgically anchor a titanium implant to the bone of your jaw. The implant is then left for between two and six months to allow the bone to grow around the implant. During which time, the patient wears a temporary crown.

    Once the implant is securely bonded to the bone, your dentist will remove the temporary crown. And either cement or screw the permanent crown into place.


            This advanced technique is ideal for patients with no remaining natural teeth. The significant bone loss and poor quality remaining tooth structures.
            The All-on-4® is a procedure, in which four dental implants support a set of fixed upper or lower replacement teeth.

          Bone Grafting

             A dental bone graft is sometimes needed if further dental procedures, such as dental implants, are necessary or if bone loss the health of nearby gums and teeth.
             Bone grafting is performed before placing an implant or after periodontal surgery has occurred.
             Dental bone grafting involves the integration of dental implants and the need for natural bone.

    What are the advantages of a Dental Tooth Implant?

    Implants have the same feel, look, fit and function of natural teeth. You do not have to remove them for cleaning – you can brush and floss them as usual. They are virtually indistinguishable from your other natural teeth.

    Other solutions to replace missing teeth such as a bridge or dentures. These are nowhere near as reliable and do not look natural.
    Dental tooth implants do not require the grinding down of adjacent teeth to place bridges. Or attach partial dentures. Dental implants give you the ability to eat, communicate and smile like you never even lost a tooth.
    Teeth Implants also have the effect of protecting your facial bones and your own natural teeth. Making them the best procedure for missing teeth.

    Am I a suitable candidate for implants?

    To be considered for dental implants Melbourne, your overall oral health must be in good condition. With no active periodontal (gum) disease or untreated tooth decay. If you have poor oral health, there is a risk that an infection will develop around the implant. Which will result in its failure, meaning it will require removal.

    If you are a suitable candidate for implants, dentist will discuss the various treatment options. Available to suit your requirements.

    The success rate of dental implants is very high. It is still important to be careful and follow the recommendations of your dentist to ensure the best results.
    Lifestyle habits play a big role in the success of implants. Smoking must be avoided as it reduces the healing capacity. Can cause problems at the integration point of the implant.

    There are also a number of health conditions that require specific medication. That can also have adverse effects on implants. These include diabetes, cancer, and gastric reflux. So it is essential that you give your dentist a precise and thorough report of your health history.

    How long will my dental implants Melbourne last?

    Proper oral hygiene, regular dentist appointments and the avoidance of smoking, you can expect dental implants to last around 20 years. Although, they can even last a lifetime if you are lucky (and careful)!

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    *Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified dentist in Melbourne CBD.

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