Teeth Cleaning and Scaling

Why Professional Teeth Cleaning?

At Gorgeous Smiles Dentistry we take care of your teeth and gum health with our Dental Cleaning Melbourne service.

One of the major reasons you lose your teeth in adulthood is gum disease not tooth decay we hope this page would be useful to answer some of your questions regarding teeth cleaning and scaling.

Why gum care is important?

  • Your gum is covering the bone which house the teeth, if the gum is ill, the bone will get resorbed and teeth get lost.
  • Ill gum causes very bad breath
  • What you eat is going through your mouth which means having infection spread into your body if you do not take care of it. Regular dental cleaning will lower the risk of so many systemic diseases like ; Stroke and heart disease.
  • The white film on your teeth called plaque if not removed regularly can cause cavities on teeth.
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How does professional teeth cleaning treatment work?

There is a FREE dental check-up and examination included in every teeth cleaning at Gorgeous Smiles Dentistry. Because we always want the best for our patients by having your teeth checked and cleaned regularly you save so much time and cost in the long run.

After explaining for you what is happening and what needs to be done in the future. We start the scaling which is the procedure of removing the plaques, calculus and tartar from your teeth.

Gum that is buried under layers of bacteria, plaque and tartar cannot take all the nutrients from food and help from toothpaste as it cannot reach them.

In order to have healthier, less cavities, less sensitive and stronger teeth

Gorgeous Smiles offer you a FREE Fluoride treatment at the end of the session to make sure you have a fresh and healthy gum.

How often to have dental scaling and cleaning?

Usually teeth cleaning is recommended twice per year. For those of you with gum disease we would highly recommend having your teeth cleaning done every 3-4 months.

Remember every month that passes the plaque and calculus on your teeth will be double the amount of last month so having them cleaned regularly will help you maintain a healthy oral environment for life.

dental scaling and cleaning - Teeth Cleaning and Scaling

Frequently Asked Questions

Why my teeth get so much tartar when I am great at brushing and flossing them?

The calculus and tartar comes from your own saliva. The accumulation of calculus is usually behind lower front teeth and on the side of upper molars, the reason being you have salivary ducts bringing saliva out to your oral cavity right in those areas.

No one can clean the calculus and tartar on their own by brushing them hard, you are only hurting your gum and probably causing Gum Recession in the future. Even dentists need to go to another dentist for their dental cleaning, your body needs maintaining like everything else in our lives so do not avoid dental visits or leave them for when something is painful because usually that is too late.

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