Zoom Teeth Whitening and Frequent Asked Questions

Do you want a dazzling smile? Here at Gorgeous Smiles we make it happen with Teeth whitening!


A Gorgeous smile is always needed for your personal or professional life but sometimes it seems far when there are some stains on your teeth. You might feel like your teeth are too dark, too patchy with colors or you might not feel 100% confident to smile. To get rid of all of the stains and dark color of your teeth, Teeth Whitening is one of the options.


Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure which results in the removal of all extrinsic stains and discoloration of your teeth leaving teeth lighter and brighter. There are variety of products which are made to remove these stains such as carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide.


There are many patients who complain about yellow and dark stains on their teeth and they want to know the reason why. There are many factors resulting in discoloration of your teeth from the outside such as:


  • Smoking
  • Red wine
  • Certain antibiotics
  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Soft drinks



Thus, people who used to have one of these habits or regularly consuming them have darker teeth. It is hard to avoid all food and drinks that can stain your teeth in life. Here at Gorgeous Smiles we offer a fantastic experience with your teeth whitening.



Are you a good candidate to have teeth whitening?


  • Don’t expect too much from teeth whitening, be realistic about the results. Teeth whitening will remove the extra stains and colors on the surface of your teeth and brings out your real teeth underneath but it cannot change the nature of your teeth or make it whiter than a certain limit.
  • Have enough information about the procedure, ask your dentist at Gorgeous Smiles. We are more than happy to explain the procedure for you.
  • The stains and discolorations must be extrinsic from food, drinks and smoking not intrinsic colors like effect of antibiotics in childhood.
  • Have a consultation first to make sure you are a good candidate for Teeth Whitening





Teeth Whitening Options:



Teeth whitening toothpaste & strips: these products are over the counter options in supermarkets or chemists. They are easy to use to whiten your teeth but not as effective as other options.


Tray based teeth whitening: This is also called home teeth whitening.

Home teeth whitening includes.


  • Taking measurements of your teeth by dentist to make the best fitted size of the tray. The bleaching trays are custom made so they cover all surfaces of your teeth for optimum whitening.
  • Using the gel in tray every day for certain amount of time – as indicated by your dentist.
  • Putting it on for a specific period up to 45 minutes depending on your teeth conditions.


This procedure takes about two weeks. There are some benefits of home teeth whitening such as having the control of the process by yourself at home, but on the other hand the material will touch your gum which is not good in a long term. Home teeth whitening can also cause acid erosion of your teeth if used excessively.


In chair teeth whitening such as Philips 4 Zoom teeth whitening:

This is the best option for you if you want to have longer result from your teeth whitening and you want the results quick. This procedure uses a similar gel as in home teeth whitening kit package but with higher concentration (about 25-38% hydrogen peroxide) . In chair Teeth Whitening takes about two hours so it is a faster, easier and more effective way for teeth whitening.

In chair Teeth Whitening uses a gel that is going to be applied on your teeth by your dentist and as it is a stronger acid you are not advised to use it at home at all. The dentist is going to put a protecting mask on your gums from sensitivity. The third step is using LED light which will be shone over your teeth for about 60 minutes to help activate the bleach. quick results are the main reason so many patients choose in chair teeth whitening at Gorgeous Smiles. After the treatment you have to avoid smoking , drinking red wine, coffee and tea for about 48 hours.

Some patients prefer to have the teeth whitening done twice a year as they desire whiter teeth and some would have it done only once.The teeth whitening results last for 1-3 years depending on your dental structure, lifestyle and diet.

This treatment is able to be done in one appointment, if you have not had a scaling and cleaning our dentists at Gorgeous Smiles might offer you one right before teeth whitening for better results.



Risks of Teeth Whitening


Same as any treatment there are some risks associated with teeth whitening which can be minimised with following your dental professional’s instructions. Importantly, hydrogen peroxide is a chemical which is used for your teeth to get whiter but it can have negative effects on your gums and teeth. Thus, for better safety it is good that the products which has more than 6 per cent of this agent only be used by dental professionals supervision.

Although, there is nothing to be worried about. Most of the people have sensitive gums during the treatment or for a day after the treatment but this is one of the common side effects of teeth whitening and will pass quickly.

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