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Dental Bonding

What is Teeth Bonding?

Dental Bonding is a simple and effective treatment to improve the overall aesthetics of your gorgeous smile. If you have any minor chips, discolorations, spacing or alignment problems; cosmetic tooth bonding may be the best option for you. So, what exactly is teeth bonding? It is a form of adhesive dentistry. Whereby your dentist bonds a tooth coloured resin (made out of plastic) to your teeth. In order to rectify any minor problems and improve the overall aesthetics of your gorgeous smile.

Why get Teeth Bonding?

There are many advantages of our bonding dental treatment; these include:
Aesthetics – tooth bonding can give you a more beautiful and flawless set of pearly whites. Not the mention the confidence that a gorgeous smile brings.
Cost – the tooth bonding cost is very affordable, especially in comparison to dental veneers.
Quick – our cosmetic bonding treatment is extremely quick. With the procedure only taking 60 minutes per tooth and generally only requiring one visit.
Qral Health Benefits – composite bonding can strengthen the teeth if there are any existing cavities. And can be used to fill cavities and other forms of tooth damage. Therefore, strengthening your teeth and helping to prevent the spread of decay in your precious smile.

In what Scenarios is Dental Bonding Melbourne recommended?

Cosmetic bonding is a great, cost and time-effective treatment if you experience:
Minor chips to the tooth
Tooth discolouration
Misaligned teeth
Spaced out teeth
Slightly shorter teeth
Dental Bonding

How much does Dental Bonding Melbourne Cost?

It's much more affordable treatment as opposed to dental veneers. Our team at Gorgeous Smiles are the experts at providing bonding options to our valued customers.
At Gorgeous Smiles, we are dedicated to keeping the tooth bonding price low and affordable. Because we believe everyone should be able to gain the confidence that comes with a gorgeous and healthy smile. Therefore, we offer payment plans, so high quality and safe tooth bonding is within your reach!

Maintenance of Dental Bonding

Your composite bonding teeth treatment can last up to five years. But it is integral that you maintain them properly. To keep those pearly whites looking as pearly as possible for as long as possible. Here are some tips to help you do just that:

Reduce your intake of coffee, tea and red wine. As these beverages are known culprits for the discolouration of resin material.
Avoid chewing on very hard objects that may damage the resin or your teeth; such as pens, ice or your nails.
Avoid Smoking. If you need one more reason to quit smoking, here it is! Our resin materials and smoking do not go together. So, it’s time to put down the cigarettes, if not for your respiratory health, to keep those teeth looking good!

Follow up with us. If you experience any difficulties or your composite bonding feels, do not hesitate to contact your dentist! We are here to rectify any problems and keep those teeth looking good!

Our Cosmetic Bonding treatment at Gorgeous Smiles

Teeth Bonding Melbourne
We are the experts at providing the highest quality cosmetic bonding treatments in Melbourne. That will drastically improve the aesthetics of your smile and bring you a new wave of confidence.

Dental bonding before and after

Want to see some real-life results of our teeth bonding treatments? Head over to our before and after page to see all of our happy composite bonding customers!

Composite Veneers

Frequently Asked Questions

Procedure: What's the Procedure for Having a Tooth Bonded?

The dental bonding procedure is quite simple and quick to complete. It usually does not require anaesthesia. Except for certain cases when a tooth is too close to a nerve or if the tooth is very decayed. The dentists will first colour match the resin to your tooth colour. Then the tooth will be slightly roughened, and a conditioning liquid applied. The dentist is able to apply the resin. Which is moulded and smoothed to the desired shape before being dried by blue light or laser. After the resin is hardened, it is further trimmed, shaped and polished. To accomplish the most natural and aesthetic fit to the rest of your teeth.

Can you pay monthly for teeth bonding?

At Gorgeous Smiles, we keep our teeth bonding cost low and affordable. For our patients to ensure everyone has access to beautiful teeth.
And yes, we do offer payment plans to further this commitment to affordability. Head to our payment plan page for more information.

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