Porcelain fillings Vs Regular fillings

So you might have had a cavity and now need a dental filling , your dentist can offer several type of restorations.

  • Regular fillings ( Black or Tooth coloured)
  • Ceramic / Porcelain fillings (CEEC restorations)
  • Dental Crowns

Composite Fillings – aka Tooth coloured fillings

Composite fillings are the fillings you probably have , they are most common options as they are more affordable and they also are toothy coloured, so no black horrible looking amalgam filling in your mouth to some people believe “releasing toxic mercury” !!

Composite resins are made of plastic and suitable for small to medium fillings. Due to economic reasons these fillings can be sometimes used in large cavities but that is not recommended.

Advantages of Composite Fillings:

  • Composite – resin fillings are more natural looking than amalgam (black) fillings
  • Resin fillings can be strong as they bond to the tooth while an amalgam may sometimes weaken the tooth as it requires more of tooth structure to be removed.
  • Composite fillings can fit into very small holes and do not need dental structure to be removed as much as amalgam fillings do.

Disadvantages of Composite fillings :

  • In large fillings , composite or resin fillings will wear out sooner than porcelain fillings (average life can be few years)
  • Tooth filled with composite can be sensitive for some time after the filling.

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