Veneer magic: How to care for your dental veneers

care for your dental veeners

When it comes to your teeth, you want them to be perfect. After all, they’re the first things people notice when they see you. Oral and dental hygiene plays an important part in keeping your teeth healthy and clean, but sometimes, further action can prove necessary.

At Gorgeous Smiles Dental, we believe everyone can have the perfect smile with a set of dental veneers Melbourne. Our porcelain veneers Melbourne can help correct tooth discoloration, gaps in teeth, teeth crowding or even a broken tooth. Once in place, however, it’s important to care for your dental veneers like you would your original teeth. With proper care and maintenance, it’s possible to keep your veneers looking like new.

Here Are Five Tips On How To Care For Your Dental Veneers

1) Be careful when you eat. Biting into hard foods like apples and carrots can cause veneers to chip. Watch out for this when eating. Be wary of meat with bones and hard candies, and avoid chewing on the ends of pencils, or opening bottle caps with your teeth.

2) Pick the right kind of toothpaste. Most toothpaste formulas contain ingredients like hydrogen peroxide, which can eat away at the surface of your veneers, or sodium bicarbonate and baking soda, the gritty nature of which can cause veneers to lose their natural-looking shine. Pick a gel toothpaste, and check the ingredients before any purchase.

3) Keep your veneers clean. Brush your veneers twice a day, like you would your regular teeth, and use dental floss regularly to maintain oral hygiene and the health of your gums. This has the added advantage of preventing gum disease, which causes gums to recede, exposing the edges of your veneers.

4) Choose a good toothbrush. The right kind of toothbrush can do wonders for your teeth, but using one with especially hard bristles can scratch your veneers. Opt for one with softer bristles instead.

5) Avoid drinking too much alcohol, as it can soften the bonding composite that holds the veneer to the tooth. This can cause damage to the bonding line, making it more prone to staining.

Proper care of veneers can keep them looking healthy for a long time, but at some point, all veneers need replacing. Consult with our dentists at Gorgeous Smiles Dental on 03 9042 0483 to find out when you need to replace your veneers or visit our website for more. We’re all smiles, and happy to help!

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